Monday, July 14, 2008

Information Age

The trajectory of change over the past several thousand years tell me what's in store as we move forward into the coming century - as Tun M Vision 2020... leaping up few years ahead. Faster change... more pressure points.. the thing is that our physical character is superb... on the other side of the coin.. the mental character.. huhh.... That's a no-brainer! opsss........

The big issue here is, can we change? Perhaps adjust rather than change... will we do it quickly enough? Shall we fight against the future? for the culture? huh....

Shall we focus our mind on how can we satisfy the world's appetite?????

---------------------alamakkkk ter' serious pulak pagi nih-------------------------------

My Country English Style

This one was in BROWN..... UNTIL someone in the house begging me to paint it WHITE !!

Not bad jugak kan??

Your Most Priceless Possession

Teri.... remember this one?????? ......

COACH from Teri....... hua hua hua..... "ada lagi??" ekkekeek