Sunday, April 12, 2009

Standard? Evolved?

This is my favourite spot even though I RARELY watch TV! We have astro but only switch on when Mak Engku/Pak Engku came or other relatives. We mostly came back late from work or we chat with bibik in the kitchen, swim till late... then, tidur!

Its a Phillips set - tak de la mahal... tapi, sedap mata memandang.... bila beli? Huh... dah 5 bulan dah pun.... tapi masih tak familiar dengan functions dia..

Ok lah... and while I was uploading the image, I read this somewhere this morning... regarding achieveing happiness in life. Perhaps you guys can add more from these lists...

1 Ketaqwaan

No doubt, this is the most important foundation - my sister once told me.. IKHLAS untuk buat apa juga.... without expecting any returns. She said, IKHLAS is just like when you spitt, you forget where, when & why you did that. Does it make sense??

2 Kasih sayang

This is what I have been searching for many many years. I pray and pray to Allah to give mak and abah... a family that I can return to. A happy life that I can lead my life in peace. I need not to ronda ronda in the shop lots during Hari Raya... what I need is a HOME! SINCERE LOVE and CARED by others. Alhamdulillah, after many many years - more than for about 36 years...... I got it ALL !!! THANKS ALLAH!

3 Kesetiaan

Hmmm... this is hard to explain. Setia? Must be foundation to that.. And for all, its hard to get a true friend that can laugh with us and cry with us... not laught at us.. or cry at us... And Kesetiaan is all about satisfying the inner needs. Kalau the inner needs tu difahami, insya allah, setia will come along. And I am glad to have a family that really setia with the family ties. They teach me to appreciate my own life .. how? To be LOYALTY..

4 Komunikasi dialogis

I do appreciate all types of communication... and because of communication'lah I am what I am today. Dulu, I was a person yang tak suka nak explain - and explanation is part of communication skill. I used to mengamuk when people do not understand what I am trying to say.. until one day, adik told me that I have to explain to others what I want. Furthur more I am 95% right brain... and now, alhamdulillah... I can explain to others what I want so they will understand my needs. Tak de ler makan hati jer....

5 Keterbukaan

This is another thing. Mak Engku and Pak Engku have this. They accept me for what I am. They are open and want to listen (open tapi tak nak listen wat per kan??)

6 Kejujuran

Yeah.. this is important too. Jujur... cam ner nak explain bab ni ya.. oh ya.. One thing that I notice that I will say what I think I need to say. It may be hurt but it will make a different to others. JUJUR is the key for all kindness. Once tak jujur, once menipu, org dulu dulu kata "siakap senohong gelama ikan duri, cakap bohong, lama lama mencuri!"

7 Kesabaran

Waurrrhhhhhh.... sabar. Complex, and abstract... But I learnt how to be sabar. Insya allah.. Ada psychologist kat umah kan..... so tengah training nih! eekekekekeke

What's your opinion about this? Perhaps you can share your few cents here!