Monday, September 29, 2008

Time has come..and this is my NEW family

They make me feel valuable, needed and loved.

I have been posting many pictures in this blog and dedicated to all of the family... mak engku, pak engku, dhada, adik, anna and those who appreciate beauty and arts. Those who see things beyond its physical outlook. And those who really 'ikhlas' in what they say, they do, they practise and they uphold the basic principles of the Teachings.

Life has taught me lots of things and life has made me have certain kind of perceptions that stop me from getting direct shine rays... but the family where I belong to now, effortlessly guiding me to the path so I could see more stars at night and sunlights during the days. I could clearly see the rainbows and more often see them rather than ponding to the rainning clouds.

Alhamdulillah... alhamdulillah... and this Eidul Fitri will give me more strength than before... more love and most of all, giving them my love and fullest dedication to them.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Another Art Work : Sis's collection

She has lots of ideas... semuanya DIY.

This is how it looks ...roses in the glass vase

EnJIme - Abang in the making part 2

This is Jimm.. jalan jalan pergi Alamanda

At his preferred spot
Cute nyer!
Elooooo enJimmmm........

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Pokok Pokok Di Sekeliling Rumah

Paling mudah nak di tanam. Pokok Betik.
This is sweet potato - keledek.
Guess what??
Ini lah pokok asam jawa. Scientific name Tamarindus Indicus
Berbelit lidah - macam tikus laa kan nama dia?

Jangan marah! Saderi pun ada! alaaa.. mak mak kita cakap 'daun sup'

My Kebun Sayur

Memandangkan keadaan eknomi negara tidak begitu meyakinkan maka, kami adik beradik membuat keputusan untuk menanam sayur sayuran dengan bantuan bibik. Jimat beb!

Ni sawi, bibik tanam.

Opss.. ni bukan sayur untuk dimakan. Ekekeke.... ni hiasan kat tepi swimming pool.
This is pokok cili. Banyak bibik tanam pokok nih.. aduhh... podeh lerrr..

Ini pula, longan. Dah berbuah dan dah makan pun. Ekekek.. sedap. Isinya tebal you!!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

More about our newly-born garden

This is another view of our garden. The grass is still not smooth... hopefully as time passes by.... ia nampak lebih cantik lagi.

Another side of the house.

Ekekek... this is the Zen concept.

God's Little Flowers

Garden of flowers.
God's little flowers,
So pure, and unique in color, and in difference.
Growing, nutrienting of His love,
No waiving,
Only tears of joy from His Holy Spirit,
There is an field one day I will.. be among,
An field of ripe and flushing beauty,
Nor am I far only near to heart,
Where green pastures vivid, and far as the eyes see,
Only tears of joy becoming of my flesh, and spirit as one
I am of many flowers within God's Garden,
I am nothing special,
Only blessed to be within His Garden of simplicity.
I am the flower that blooms eastward,
And the flower that blossoms southward,
As well the flower that grows, and replenishes every season.
Written by Feon Davis Isaiah 40:8

This is Kekwa
Red Rose
Yellow Rose
Red Ros (again... tapi lain sikit merah dia.. merah darah)


Garden in always be our mind wander.

We (my sister and I) could talk about our imagenery garden for hours hours.

And this make my mind again..wonder.. why some people or it could be anybody...may say that they have nothing to talk about with their housemate/friends/siblings. But when I look into both of us or even with mak engku and pak engku, adik and anna, 365/12/24/7 pun not enough to talk about our mind.

Finally, we decided to make over our sahara to be the 'watered garden'

Its a hard work... monetarily and mentaly. Not because we are'nt interior/exterior designer its just to remain our originality. My sister love the English Garden Concept.. when I love the Zen. Hah... cemano nak buek?

If you look at our previous posts, you could see how
dry our garden was... and not. Ekekekeke.... cantik kan (to my eyes lerr)

First, we bought the carpet grass (from philipine). Its aroung RM4.00 -RM3.50 per piece. We bought about 77 pieces. My sister did all the susunan dan tanaman. Me??? Biasalah. Angkut dari kereta, tolong bukak plastik.

The reflexology cemment, we bought 17 peices, the price was RM12 at Alamanda. But we manage to get cheaper...... its about Rm9.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Abang in the Making

My sister is not only a psychologist for human, but I think for animal too!! This is 'Enjane' (actually we gave her name 'engine' because every morning we have to get her out of the car engine.... ) , nama pendek 'Jane'. She is training Jane to be like Abang.

This photo was taken when Jane kene selsema. Demam. Duduk diam je, tak aktif. So I dont want adik to be sad again (after she lost abang) I make Jane a 'baju sejuk'. ekekek maklum laa demam.
Cantik tak baju saya??

Lagi Gambar Akhir Abang

My sister still have pictures of abang which I found in her handphone.

Yesterday, adik tanam bunga ros kat tempat abang tidur....

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Bakawali : Latest Edition

This bakawali berkembang on Ahad, September 7. A day before, there were 2 more .. but we were not at home.


I was browing the internet and I found this one interesting... why??? I just cant explain why...

88 Emotions

. 88 emotions are fighting in my head.
Some of Fear, some of Distress, Some of Joy and Happiness
But of all these foes and friends,
There is only one I dread.
It brings about Frustration, And sometimes Desperation.
Anger and Annoyance
Are always in abundance,
Although it very rarely
Comes to sheer Abhorrence.
You scream, you cry;
You stomp your feet.
You hit the walls until they creak.
You wish the sky on him could fall,
But float on like a cannonball.
'Cause you know Love - for Love it is -
Makes also wondrous promises.
From Lust and Thrill, my dear i will
Show you everything there is.
Acceptance and Elation, Condidence and Trust;
Humilty and Ecstacy,
Are why you make me Happy.

There are three words i wish to say,

The very same I never will;

But when you walked into my life

I developed a new skill.

The one to Care and to Confide

In someone else than Him above

That's all the good that it has done,
This little thing called Love
Morgane Heyne

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Our last respect to Abang....

Yesterday (9 September 2008), when we came back home, adik as usual go straight to abang..... gave him some water (since bibik told her abang didint want to drink / eat). She put abang on her lap, talk to him... when I came into the kitchen, I hold abang, and talk to him as well...
Then we went out because I want to look for something I needed for the house, when we were at the shop, we received a call that Abang has gone forever. waduh... adik cried along the way.......

When we arriived, bibik cover abang with his towel.....Adik still crying at this moment...
"Akak dah tak ada 'abang'....."

Finally, we burried aband at our garden, we will plant a tree for him so we will remember him in our life..... Oh ya... memula mata abang celik..... tapi bila nak tanam, mata dia dah pejam...


Farewell My Loved Ones

This is 'abang'. My sister's best cat. He is my buddy. In my few last post, I did share with all of you about him.
Last week, he didnt came home. My little sister was so worried. After worked she would look for abang with her sharp voice (abaaang.... abaaang...) whilst tapping/lapping her hands together - a sign for her to call upon 'abang'. After iftar/berbuka puasa, she would do the same, early morning for sahur, she would bukak pintu dapur so she could see if 'abang' balik.
Yester yesterday (8 September 2008) after berbuka puasa, as usual, my sister would duduk tepi kolam... sambil panggil 'abang' and she saw her 'abang'... came back, effortlessly, fatigue and was not in a good condition. These are some photos she took ....

Abang seems so dahaga. We suspected he had a big fight and pengsan for few days..... until the day he sedar... and tried to balik jugak.
His favourite place..
Pipi sebelah abang dah 'kering' dek terkena air liur dia.... tu yg kami agak dia 'pengsan'. Mulut dia pun tak boleh bukak - tapi bila adik checked, tak ada tulang atau apa pun.... cuma gigi tak ada (tu dah lama dah.... abang memang tak ada gigi since last year)
Kesian abang....... kesian adik .
We slept with him, we gave him milk, water, cuddled him in the bed. The whole nite, we were with him