Sunday, July 12, 2009

She Loves The Authentics

Dear readers,

Sometimes when people dont understand they could easily say things that may hurt someone else. Or may be they just trying to make fool and being fun to others, unknowingly the words they use really heart throbbing! They just dont get the point that the statement they posed actually can be misinterpreted wrongly.

Words can kill you know.... really do kill many people. Those students, who decided to end their lives just because they got E,D or C in exams... why? Because perhaps they just cant cope with nasty words thay may be thrown up into their face.... Huh!!!!! And it happened to me too. I didnt watch TV for many many years... why? Because I remember the words given to me......... arghhhhh........

For those who were given such bad impressions with only one visit, one communication, one interaction, one meeting or even just because of the hear-say... dont be sad... you know yourself better..... the closed ones know you deeper.... take a deep breath, relax and enjoy - biar la luncai TERJUN dengan labu labu nya........

Since kita dah let go the luncai dan the labu labu, let us talk some thing else... more up close and personal.

I was using my sis's laptop and I found this ... kekkekekeke... (sorry ya dik!) ... she took all her hanbags collections - and yang menarik perhatian I was this one........... I always tease her NOT to ask me to take any thing from this bag - if she wants to see her bag in a good condition la..... why? sbb I ni terlalu 'kuat' nanti putus pulak zip beg kawan........

Macam mana ek.. dia ada ajar macam mana nak baca kod beg LV nih.... Mak kat JB pun ada tapi bukan stail cam nih... kod tu menunjukkan kat mana beg LV ni dibuat.. contohnya kalau S (SD, SL dan lain lain) dari Paris. Ada juga yang dibuat di Paris special edition (A1, A2, AA, AAS) kalau yg telah di ubah suai - repair kod dia lain pulak.. kata adik dhada, kot dia mungkin CO, CT, DK

Ada juga beg LV yang dibuat di spain, especially kod yang mula dari L macam LB, LM, LW dan kalau dari Italy pulak kod dia BC, BO, CE, FO, MA, RC, RE, SA. Haaa dari Switzerland pulak kod dia DI, FA.

Mcam macam.. cara nak baca pun lain..... adik dhada kata kod tu tentang tahun dan minggu beg itu dibuat... amboiiii detail cam tu sekali.. patut leer bila time beli handbag dia belek belek belek..... bukak beg tu.. kuarkan kertas kertas/plastik plastik dalam beg... nguper ngupe ada rahsia....

Tu laa kan... kalau orang tak faham, orang akan kata individu cam ni cerewet laa.. particular laa... tapi.... nak memastikan ke authenticity satu satu benda yang dibeli.... hmmmm

One of the handbags in her closet.......................... but she rarely use this one..... it just look as new as when it was first bought. And I sneaking listen to her one day... that she wants to have another one of this collection - hmmmmm.... tengah kumpul duit ke dik? (kekekekkeke)

Adik dhada may be look unfriendly.... but she is really nice.. she has the brain, and she has the talent (of course not in singing!!).....she is one of the kind.... and I am proud to have a sister like her. And her 'Lantak Therapy' really works!