Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Akademi Fantasia @ Home

Well, the heat of Akademi Fantasia is on. Though I am not a fanatic fan (used to be hihihihihi) but I have strong fond to music. I didnt get any formal music class, or vocal class... but because of great exposure to music instruments, bands and observing my brothers playing those 'magic things' has so much influence in my life.

As the youngest in the family I always felt that I was 'used' by them... pegi kedai, kemas umah, kemas itu, amik ini, susun itu, susun ini.... and I had no chance at all to play the 'magic things' at home... not until my brothers were out... then, silently I touch here and there... play here and there... And that's the way I learnt the 'magic things'. Until I said to myself that ONE DAY... I WILL HAVE MY OWN STUDIO .... AND ALL MINE!!

I was somewhere between muddled and nonexistent - sometimes I profoundly misundertand the elasticity of my presence at home. But during my university life, music--and performance help me to cope. Music has constantly help me to feel new, fresh, enjoy and absorb life positively.

Now, my concept is music help us to aid ourselves and others in enjoying life. I want music to be a medium for all of us to stay organized, making learning as part of games which are fun and educational!

And to my 'femes' neighbor.... thanks for giving me the trust to teach your talented boy!