Saturday, May 23, 2009

Let my fingers do the talking

I was watching a drama last night - Hingga Syurga - of which I RARELY watch drama till it ended but I did it last night - it was a drama about a spoil girl who is obsessed to be a singer - she had to beg to her dad to support her - and as a dad, he would do anything to make his daughter happy - but anak dia ni macam tak kenang budi - the thing that I want to highlight here is how a daughter could badly treated her dad when he has do many things to fulfill her needs - I think deep inside her, she loves her dad - tapi persekitarannya membuatkan si Nia ni tak ready nak accept her dad.

ok - the issue which I saw from this drama was it filled with 'perli memerli' to the entertainment industries - ada selingan tentang Fasha Sandha - BOIKOT issue, guna baru yg sama - different artists - wearing the same dress, issue pasal Nabil Raja Lawak - kene tunjuk baik - maybe about Siti Nurhaliza - potray good personality - hide the real self. Wartawan yang tau artis ni tak baik, tapi ttp tulis yg baik, nasib penyanyi back-up dan macam macam laa... so perhaps this drama really shows what is going on in our entertainment industries.

Ishhhhh...... apa apa lah.........

Kisah Kucing - Engine

Tajuk, Engine - tapi keluar katak!. Ini lah katak yang jadi kawan Engine.

Beria ia Engine main dengan katak dia. ekekkekeke see how he looked at the katak - macam real je kan?Opsss - gatal pulak telinge....
This is the closeup of Engine' Katak.