Thursday, September 18, 2008

Abang in the Making

My sister is not only a psychologist for human, but I think for animal too!! This is 'Enjane' (actually we gave her name 'engine' because every morning we have to get her out of the car engine.... ) , nama pendek 'Jane'. She is training Jane to be like Abang.

This photo was taken when Jane kene selsema. Demam. Duduk diam je, tak aktif. So I dont want adik to be sad again (after she lost abang) I make Jane a 'baju sejuk'. ekekek maklum laa demam.
Cantik tak baju saya??

Lagi Gambar Akhir Abang

My sister still have pictures of abang which I found in her handphone.

Yesterday, adik tanam bunga ros kat tempat abang tidur....