Monday, March 30, 2009

This is my ENGINE

This is the ONLY cat that my sister loves most - after ABANG. She had a very sad moment when ABANG passed away - and that time, ABANG listened to her - "kalau abang nak mati, mati kat rumah tau...akak boleh tanam abang... ada bunga" hmmmmm LUCKY that she didnt proceed with her 'noble' intention to 'KERAS' kan ABANG!!!!!!!

And me too, as usual, terpengaruh dengan kasih sayang adik pada ENGINE - dari geram - because both of us will always berebut bantal - since ENGINE likes to sleep on my pillow!!!! and as if that is HIS !!!!

ENGINE too, will drink my water beside my bed - HE is CONDITIONED to drink the water from my cawan - even though I have put a special mangkuk which muat muat muka dia... tapi tak nak jugak.... iskkkkk GERAM DENGAN DIA!!!

And today, HE came back WITHOUT his 'neck-tie' ...... mana dia tinggalkan agaknya!!!!!!! and akak promised him to get a new 'neck-tie' -- and what I could say is... EEEEIIII - mengada-ngadanya !!

But I still love ENGINE - he is still cute... and my little BUDDY at home !!! Meeeaaaoowwwwww