Sunday, June 14, 2009

My Collections

These are some of the gifts I got when giving talks, speeches, opening ceremonies for certain occations - well, alhamdulillah..... I have been presenting papers in many organizations - universities - NGOs and I feel much better each time I have given the talks - PUAS - sebab dah sampaikan mesej mesej yang berguna pada para peserta. Make them laugh, smile and alert about life, about self, about others.

I didnt aspect that they will give me all these, but alhamdulillah..... And these collections will be one of the greatest memories in my carrier life... opsss......... dah nak pencen nih.. yahooooo!!

Its Her Time

This week my time was filled by family members - mum, dad, cousins and beloved nenek. I will upload some pic later ok!
Today I just want to share about adik dhada - my hard time has done - at least laa kan... and this is her time. She's completing her research degree pulak...... of which she has sacrifies lots of time doing something else just for the sake of something that may sound 'giler'. Tapi nak buat macam mana kan? kene juga laa dari reverse buat diploma... baik dia buat masters lagi...all in all she has 3 masters degree! giler kan? 2 in psychology, 1 in counseling. And her reseach degree ni(in psychology), just for her self satisfaction - saja saja buat kajian, pastu register for a higher degree, hantar - boleh tak buat gitu? bertahun dah...... harap harap dia dapat complete kan.
Like me, both of us do it with our own money - titik peluh sendiri. Semoga berkat. Ameen.

Tengok tu..... kertas, buku, wallet, kopi....... camera.... semua ada