Saturday, March 13, 2010

cont: blood pressure naik tiba tiba

Takut punya pasal........bp naik sampai 170!!! But alhamdulillah, the procedure went well. i will update the details at my exclusively Malay Language Blog ek......sonang nak cito......

cont:feel like dr house in assylum hahahaha

I was brought to the transit ward to change my cloths.....siap berkemas lagi kekeke it was my most embarassing moment..tak pernah tak pakai apa apa kekekeke and all the nurses were laughing at me..huhuhu

There was a moment kene sign consent letter.....aduiii berderau lagi darah ambo......

Friday, March 12, 2010

up date via hp: first experience at OT

i was clicking and trying to understand more about this hp and suddenly i found the wifi and testing and experimenting this.....kekekekeke jadilaa pulok!!!

These were the photos my sister took before the ESI procedure. It was not planned. My sister and i went to see Mr Tan to discuss about my condition and he did suggest about doing OP and that's the only he gave...but my sister was asking (based on her knowledge and readings) for few other options that was not mention like 'stem injection' lah.... 'microscopic procedure' lah.... And the ESI (epidural steroid injection') , chiropractic lah... Macam2 sampaikan tuan doktor jadi saspen bila dia ada (ekekkekekekke)....but when adik mention ESI, he automatically cepat2 buat call, arahkan untuk buat hari tu juga(the date yg kami jumpa doktor la)....adik dhada was pleased with urgent reaction of the doctor, at least he took immediate action from what she said...yg parahnya ialoh ambo.....saspen owh..........jadi, inilah wajah wajah saspen ku.....

Thursday, March 4, 2010

I am Getting BETTER

This year is really on its hot seat. I was in a great pain early this year. It happened actually before I flew to Surabaya. But when I came back, it worsen!. Went to Hospital Serdang, gave me tears just to get an appointment. Lucky that Adik Dhada is persuasive enough to take me to An-Nur Hospital in Bangi, together with Mak Engku made me a strong person! Get the MRI at KPJ, and alas!!!!!!!!!! I got Slipped Disc at my L5.

By the way... I have wrapped up some stories of my pain at my the other blog at (feel free to visit ya! and its in Bahasa Malaysia... kekek cepat sikit menaip dgn bahasa ibunda nih)

Today, I got my Epidural Steroid Injection. On the spot! Mr. T*n (actually he's a doctor, I learnt that 'pakar' di panggil 'Mr' - kira mcm kat Uni Prof. Madya/Prof kot - its a pangkat), was in shock when adik Dhada mentioned that... because after all, he didnt explain that, but surgery, surgery and surgery. But I dont care as long as I can get rid of the pain. But of course, I may want other options if available laaa kan..... errrmmm.............. I will explain at the other blog laa eh..... sonang nak citer... kekkekeke....
Anyways, thanks for your prayers and those who visited me... thanks again. And I really need the prayers ........ Jazakallah.