Thursday, October 29, 2009

Stories... again... just a story

Some one told me to write some of my stories here, instead at my other blog why? because at the blog my writings are in bahasa negori... hehehe sorry my dearest readears... but one thing that I really like most and finally have the guts to share it here is about my childhood time.. especially being the youngest in the family.. huh.. not as beautiful as what many people perceived it.. at least, not for me. It was the hardest time.... I remember when the villagers called me "Kemuncup", "prewel mati (prewel basikal zaman dulu)" "anak korek korek" huh.... and the only reason was I always attached to my mom. Just imagine, I was still with my swinger (Buai) when I was 10 years old! My dad gantung tali pada palang 'peran'. Talinya tali lembu..kain buaiannya kain selimut. Kekekke you could hardly find it nowadays.... they just buy the electrical swinger... not like my time those day.. mesti ada palang nak buat buai.

And I remember the day my mom passed away... and when she was "dimandikan" the buat was there and I saw everything vividly from the buai... yet, I remember each single thing they did to my mom. I was so mad when there was a lady, called "keledek" boleh tanya "emak ko mano?" Padahal dia tahu mak tengah terbujur...meninggal dunia....iskkkk.. what a world! Even now I think I try to rationalize that she might be want to start a conversation with me.

Being the youngest for me is a confusing scenario - pergi kedai..ambil itu..ambil ini...tahap- tahap asistant - huh...... ....semua kena buat..panjat pokok ambil buah...kena marah tu biasa sangat...and the worst thing was... i always feel left out - orang terlupa kot? lupa aku menyorok bawah lemari, lupa aku tak makan lagi, lupa aku belum main lagi (walhal dah janji)...... and... (hmmm tak yah citer lah)

And I grew older, I learnt about 'sindrom anak bongsu' .... huh! all the questions answered, and many of it still left unanswered... but who care now? I have my instant family and the best part is, I am no longer the youngest... but the ELDEST instead! yaaaabaadaaaabeeeduuuuuu being a "Kak Long" adik dua je dan dah besar besar eheheheee. Heppppp jangan melawan Kak Long cakap....agaknya adik hakula plak menderita jadi adik ekekekkee...lalalalalllaaaaa....senangnya dalam hati...