Saturday, May 23, 2009

Let my fingers do the talking

I was watching a drama last night - Hingga Syurga - of which I RARELY watch drama till it ended but I did it last night - it was a drama about a spoil girl who is obsessed to be a singer - she had to beg to her dad to support her - and as a dad, he would do anything to make his daughter happy - but anak dia ni macam tak kenang budi - the thing that I want to highlight here is how a daughter could badly treated her dad when he has do many things to fulfill her needs - I think deep inside her, she loves her dad - tapi persekitarannya membuatkan si Nia ni tak ready nak accept her dad.

ok - the issue which I saw from this drama was it filled with 'perli memerli' to the entertainment industries - ada selingan tentang Fasha Sandha - BOIKOT issue, guna baru yg sama - different artists - wearing the same dress, issue pasal Nabil Raja Lawak - kene tunjuk baik - maybe about Siti Nurhaliza - potray good personality - hide the real self. Wartawan yang tau artis ni tak baik, tapi ttp tulis yg baik, nasib penyanyi back-up dan macam macam laa... so perhaps this drama really shows what is going on in our entertainment industries.

Ishhhhh...... apa apa lah.........

Kisah Kucing - Engine

Tajuk, Engine - tapi keluar katak!. Ini lah katak yang jadi kawan Engine.

Beria ia Engine main dengan katak dia. ekekkekeke see how he looked at the katak - macam real je kan?Opsss - gatal pulak telinge....
This is the closeup of Engine' Katak.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Off Topic - Terjumpa pula gambar masa di USA dulu

Ni masa kat Museum Laura Inggals - Little House On The Prairie - pakai baju dia orang..... cess.. macam beruang kekenyangan.

Azura, Che Nor, Adik Dhada - Museum lagi - syok lah! Che Nor - we gonna visit you again!! This time with Mak, Abah, Aida dan Yazed - kan Aida/Yazed???

Studi kat dalam kelas Laura - cekgu dia ialah Che Nor - garang !!!

Tadaa........ gambo dolu dolu.

Chewah...... menghayati sey!

Gadis Interprem

Aida .... 'Gadis Interprem' kekekkekekeke - Aida and Yazed made our journey colorful. Thanks to them. And this made our visit more memorable. I felt so deep in this journey.

This was at Irish Hotel - on the way back from Howth

This was in Paris, on the way to Louve Museum - masa nak jumpa Monalisa - jumpa dulu ex bopren dia kat sini.

This is Aida's Dunnes Store

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Salam semua!!!

Ni gambar gambar yang sempat di upload ketika ke Belfast - Giant Causeway

Sempat lagi ke Junction One - Shopping sakan!

Chewah chewah....

Kekekeke comel?

Adik dhada dengan baju PINK (aida..... dah menjangkit laaaa)
Tak sangka sama sekali dapat ke Belfast - Northern Part of Ireland. The city center is combination of Scottish and English with the contemporary structures. Cantik, but sometimes nampak crowded juga. On the way to the Giant Causeway - sceneries were beautiful that anyone cant resist to get their eyes over it. Memang cantik giler! Paling best, time nak balik, singgah di Junction One - apa lagi..... rombongan Che Kiah jadi giler lah!!!! Shop kasut CLARK sampai tak hengat! And my self, got 5 pairs of shoes!!!!!! CLARK okkay!!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

My brother, friend and student

Hello again,

These are more pictures taken when we were in London - this visit was the warmest visit we had because I met my student - Kim in London - I was touched when he came and 'search' for us in London - hey - London is a big city (not really and not actually can make you lost in London) but he got his way to the Thames River and get to meet all of us!

"Geng Budak Baik" masa di sekolah - kecik je dulu dulu - dan nakal !!! but see what he is now.... a man, a father of three sons!

This picture makes me feel so old ' lah!


UK - RETAIL THERAPY kan Mak Engku?

This is the Georgian Door - kekekek cun tak?

Mak Engku selepas shop at Penneys - chewahhhh.. happy nya dia!
Tadaaaa...... happy family!

London - Ireland best place to do Retail Therapy after a long long work! We had this experience few times in UK. The best part is to carry many paper bags (I learnt this from adik dhada - she likes this so much - dont you ever try to assist her with her shopping bags - dia marah! kekeekkekke - sampai tertinggal lah 4 perfumes she bought in Paris!!! Nasib ler dapat claim VAT - tak ler rasa rugi sangat!) And this time, was the merrier because Aida and Yazed came from Dublin to join us.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

London Trip (Part 1)

Hello friends,

Finally, we are back from a long long vacation to Europe - we started our journey from 3 May-13 May to London - Paris - Rome - Vatican - Dublin -Belfast and back to London - Malaysia. Alhamdulillah, everthing went as we planned, except for few things that traveller usually experienced. All together, there were 1300 plus pictures were taken! Quater of it, left in Dublin - tak sempat nak upload kat photobucket - only 200 saja yg sempat -

Got a chance to drive classic taxi in LONDON

Menyaksikan Upacara Pertukaran Shift Kerja - di Burmingham Palace - Macam tak percaya I was there!

Mak Engku and Pak Engku - Idola - Both of them orang yang paling kuat berjalan - and I really mean it - BERJALAN - orang semua dah kerut kerut muka sakit kaki jalan.... dia orang steady je!!

Ni kat Victoria Station London.

There are more pictures in the camera and handphones - will upload more for you all. And thanks to adik who's a great planner for this trip and all other trips. Aida and Yazed, thanks to both of you too! My self - thanks jugak laaaa.... for being a good daughter to Pak Engku and Mak Engku (kekekkekekekekekek - betul nih... dia orang yang cakap!)