Tuesday, February 24, 2009

It has been raining these days... and my intention to swim and sleigh into my pool remains an intention! And during these days as well, in this kind of weather it reminds me to MY FRIEND FADHIL…imagine, when I was Standard 5, he was only Standard 1 !!! Just like adik dha and her brother adik jan..........

He is Wan Mohd Fadhil bin Maamor…. the son of Amoi Kedai Kurung .. and my brother Dato’ Dr. Mohd Nor definately cant earase this name from his mind... (I think laaa)

Almost everyday we spent our time together... I was with a bike, he would sit at the passenger's compartment, being an obidient friend to me. It was only him that I had that time.... we would sat at a corner, looked into the blue sky... wonder our mind... sometimes creative imagination.... and sometimes scaries.... and that would chase us out of nothing...

We would create fancy thoughts.... nakjadi scientist la..nak buat itu lah nak buat ini.. nak beli kereta, nak travel the world together.....

Well, there was something that brought us together when my sister got a message from some that there is another person was looking for me. She let me know, get the person's name and details, tadaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa it was his sister... and then we get connected again (hey....... dont get us wrong okay!!! we were just playmate... and he is not more and a brother to me.)

He is now a lawyer, working in a Firm

Get back to 1992…. (I think... hmm not too old to forget those things) We went to Penang with his sister with a kereta sewa.........and I remember telling him this........"Orang macam kita ini DIl, kena belajar sungguh-sungguh. Baru lah orang respek, Siapalah kita ni..tak siapa yang peduli.. Ko ni mesti terus belajar..tak ada duit sekarang tak apa..susah sekarang taka pa..nanti tua kita senang..kita boleh travel sana sini naik kapal terbang..kan kita dulu selalu cakap dah travel keliling dunia bila besar. Engkau mesti belajar..ambil Law jadi lawyer…"

And when I met him on 2004 when his sister got me via internet, he was a law student, and in 2009, he has his own firm!!!!! Tahniah Fadhil! Pengalaman hidup mendewasakan kita. Tahniah Chilhood friend..My lil Bro!

Hmmmm and I am writing this, because I am proud of him... proud of being able to get out from difficulties that we together had... Hmmmm just what my sister said "Some time, people have to pay for happiness" and "there is always rainbows after the rainning days" - as today... I see more rainbows .. alhamdulillah....

Saturday, February 21, 2009

More on Bakawali

Alhamdulillah... kata orang kalau bunga ni berbunga, banyak rezeki..... moga moga begitulah hendakNYA

Gifts from the Royalty

This was kept in my laptop for quite sometime. It was I think end of last year..... my aunty (ML) from Pak Ungku's side, took us to the royalty's palace in JB. Well, I never thought that I would use the bahasa istana... even though I have been teaching Bahasa Melayu and bahasa istana to my students. Heheheh... macam hidup dalam zaman Hang Tuah pulak.

Alhamdulillah, she loves all of us (the anak buah yg datang laa...) and TYHM gave us some gifts for remembrance.... ekkeke.... terharu rasanya rakyat jelata seperti hamba di panggil dengan panggilan mesra 'AD' je... :)

To YHM - thanks so much for the hospitality......

Saturday Sunday

Lots of things to do and to settle down. And yet, I have to compromise with the things I used to do. And of all the buziness I have to bravely face... my sister did some 'kezutan'. I cant remember if I told you guys about my sister has misplace her 5k cash!!!! I was a big headche for all of us. We search high and low, bibik sent sms to his the other half to do some spiritual rituals... and it has been months.... we still could not see the 5k cash. Hmmmm.....berat mata memandang, berat lagi mata memikul. Poor adik......And this morning, as usual, she will dress up beautifully, walk away from home to somewhere that both of us could concentrate doing our paper works... taraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa she smiled, 'raba raba' and she found the 5k!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! nak ketawa pun ada, nak marah pun ada....... but Allah has kept the money for us today!! Nak jolly??? naaa..................there is something more urgent to settle with that 5k!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Kaki Ku Kaki Kuku Kaki

I have problem with my kaki - especially the tumit... arghhh.... i knew that its because my kaki has been used so much. Just imagine.. when I was about 10-12 years old, my old man asked me to run every morning and evening for more than 1 kilometre a day! He would cycled till the end - awaiting for me and let me run again, back to my house... and for many months... he married with the widow where he used to wait for me. Eversince, he left the house and stayed with my new mom. Huh..... its still fresh in my mind how hard was I to let him go. I hanged onto his legs, persuaded that he never go there and be with me at my late mom's house where we used to live as a big family. But I was a child - with no strength - my brother handled me let my hands go off from my dad's leg... crying just let him go away.. until faded from my eyes side. But I never let that pulled me down - infact the trainning let me aware and awake that I have to stand by my own. Ya... be strong and stronger.

And I had to get a massager.... but that didnt help much. It may ease the pain. Huh... I am not so worry now because I have Mak Ungku dan Pak Ungku that would take care of me. Their love and care make me alive..... ya.... alive !

These feet are my sisters.... she always accompany me where ever I go. Thanks adik... thanks.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Yang Pelik dan Menarik

Umbut yang besar!
Ayam pakai baju. ekekk kiut kan?

Sambutan DPP 4/1

Balik balik - kami di sambut dengan resepi dari jiran sebelah... ekekke tengkiuk tengkiuk.......

Makan Makan Yam Sengggggggggggggggg

Aduih... at time moment... I just need more space in my tummy - the food was sooooooo delicious!!

Sibu Reception

Do you understand what they say??


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We just came back from Sibu, to attend adik's 3rd reception - fuyooooooo ... this time, Anna's side. Hmmm their reception came out on the front page of Borneo's News Paper - 3 different coloums !!

Anna, Adik, Pak Engku and Mak Engku