Sunday, June 3, 2012

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Lie... hmmm..? but why ?

Some people are good at playing with words..and they even good at lying. I just cannot understand... infact.. I try to ignore... but the more I ignore.. more lies are apa I buat... 'klik klik klik klik' - habis cerita! And I read series of psychological studies, focusing on students who lie on their grade and in fact, such act did not induces anxiety at all. They found out that people who lie often work to live up to the enhanced self-images they project. The findings imply that some kinds of deception are aimed more at the deceiver than at the audience, and they may help in distinguishing braggarts and posers from those who are expressing personal aspirations, however clumsily. Hmmm kelakar.. but aren't they just fool themselves? "Ibarat menepuk air di dulang.. terpercik di muka sendiri" Psychologists have studied that these people are those with guilty knowledge — when they are highly motivated to get away with their lies and even THEY CREATE MORE LIES ........ So why?? Based from my readings... and experience dealing with these group of people, one of the reasons why someone tells a lie is because of the fear of possible consequences involved when telling the truth. They normally hiding something from their friends and family members -- opting to tell a lie rather than being punished for telling the truth... but poor thing laa for the family members tu.... Anther reason why people lie, is just wanna improving their own image in the eyes of their friends and families.In order to uplift their social on par with others, a person would often create stories, usually on the spot, to make sure that the other party is kicked out of the limelight. But they have forgotten THAT SOME PEOPLE ARE ABLE TO DETECT if what they say are just another lie...or even their gestures... body language... eyes movement .. kan adik Raja Kamariah? She should know all these.... she studied cognitive psychology... she should explain better... This psychology of lying is just a temporary rise on the social ladder, and will often be replaced with embarrassment when the truth comes out... and it depends on what circumstances... but ... they will make fool of themselves.... Well, people may lie due to the fear of the consequences when they tell the truth or to boost their self-image?? It depends .... but I am tired with these people... 'berlagak pandai... tapi sebenarnya kepandaian itu memperlihatkan kebodohannya'

Friday, January 27, 2012

Blunt pencil.......

This is only my observation..... people whom before look down at others...and suddenly become so 'manis mulut' and in fact referring others as their 'friend' ... and those friends are superb!

Hmmmmm I wonder....again from my observation ... there was a group of people whom felt that they werre so perfect and became teachers' pet ... scored with flying colors .. beautiful alphabets in their report cards.. while there was a little girl whom always be punished for her/his 'crazy' answers when was asked (by teachers)... and after many years and I still wonder... where were those 'classy girls' and that little girl ya? hmmm... as the song says "Que Sera sera.. what ever will be will be .. the future are not ours to see.. Que sera sera ..."

And I remember a hadith (Abu Daud) ... said that Prohet Pbuh said "God has revealed to me that you must be humble, so that no one oppresses another and boasts over another."

I will always remember and this is so close to my heart. Insya Allah.

But I wonder (again....) some people are counting their achievement... no matter its other people achievement.. and some people are so choosy in terms of picking their friends network.. pelik pelik .. I wonder .. and if it happens to me, sure I smell something fishy.. sishy... cooshy.. kuchhhhy... kuch ta nak kawan ke tak? Hmmm..... bak masa kecik kecik dulu.....

"siapa tu saya lah...nama kau dolah, taknak kawan, tak lah, ea ea ea sebelah.."

In the Quran also said (22:34-35) "(O Prophet Muhammad) give good news to the humble, whose hearts tremble with awe at the mention of God, who endure adversity with patience, who establish regular prayer, and who spend in charity out of what we have given them."

May Allah protect me from those feelings of 'riak' and 'show-off' thing... I want to be like my sister ... Adik Dhada... tho she has earned 3 masters and 2 phds ... but she still like she is... sempoi... pakai seliper... pakai t-shirt n jeans ... tak de plak nak meroyan sini sana kan ...... I am proud of you dik!