Saturday, May 16, 2009

London Trip (Part 1)

Hello friends,

Finally, we are back from a long long vacation to Europe - we started our journey from 3 May-13 May to London - Paris - Rome - Vatican - Dublin -Belfast and back to London - Malaysia. Alhamdulillah, everthing went as we planned, except for few things that traveller usually experienced. All together, there were 1300 plus pictures were taken! Quater of it, left in Dublin - tak sempat nak upload kat photobucket - only 200 saja yg sempat -

Got a chance to drive classic taxi in LONDON

Menyaksikan Upacara Pertukaran Shift Kerja - di Burmingham Palace - Macam tak percaya I was there!

Mak Engku and Pak Engku - Idola - Both of them orang yang paling kuat berjalan - and I really mean it - BERJALAN - orang semua dah kerut kerut muka sakit kaki jalan.... dia orang steady je!!

Ni kat Victoria Station London.

There are more pictures in the camera and handphones - will upload more for you all. And thanks to adik who's a great planner for this trip and all other trips. Aida and Yazed, thanks to both of you too! My self - thanks jugak laaaa.... for being a good daughter to Pak Engku and Mak Engku (kekekkekekekekekek - betul nih... dia orang yang cakap!)