Friday, September 11, 2009


(My 3G handphone with Mak Engku: So we can talk and see each other)

I took sometime to write about my childhood at my other blog ( and I know it rejuvenates my mind. And when I looked back, life isnt bad at all. I went through it successfully (alhamdulillah), yet there were some souring experience but it didnt make my life sour at all.

As usual, the mood of Raya has been attacking me after 2 weeks of fasting. I started ordering the cookies and shopping. I spent my time with my family - they came to Putrajaya, we chatted, we called each other. Most of the topics were RAYA!!! RAYA!!! and RAYA!!! Aidil Fitri never be the same until God listens and accepts my prayer - Aidil Fitri is colorful to me since I have mak and abah, a home to be called a real home, persons to talk and to share about almost EVERYTHING. And this few years... nearly 10 years, I feel the real meaning of AIDILFIRI.

But there is a shocking news for all of us. Mak Cik is suspected to have cancer. She is a joyful person, she has beautiful and sincere smile ever. Can be bold and funny at the same time. I enjoy myself each time I am with her. Receiving the fact, Mak Engku said she could accept it positively. Well, mak had that earlier and abah sure understood how Pak Cik felt. So perhaps mak and abah will console them..... wisely. To Mak CIk, we will always pray for your goodhealth. (nanti boleh masakkan lagi nasi briyani dan gear box soup ya!)

Puan Sri Natasya.

She's getting better and she already had her first vaccine. But after visiting the doctor, we discovered that she has 'kurap' - perhaps her thick hair - the doctor would like to vaccine her but after a week she had her fisrt jap - so next week, before balik kampung, we MUST take her to the clinic again. SO, now you guys know why we call her PUAN SRI - macam macam.... kalau manusia, mesti dah nak cucuk botox !!!! She likes to groom herself!!! Hmmmm you must see her in person!

Tan Sri Tommy.

After Puan Sri came back from the hospital, Tan Sri was very very excited! He ran here and there, took Puan Sri's hand to play, to sleep, to eat and to poo! Cess.............. kontrol macho betul! He would 'bath' Puan Sri when Puan Sri has nothing to do. He would search for Puan Sri if we started to look for Tan Sri - dia lah yg paling sebuk mencari juga!!! (can you imagine tak?)

Psssss.....ttttt... My sporting Jiran ( her lampu liplap ready at her anjung.... waaaaa...raya sakan nampak?! For us? iskkk....... nanti Puan Sri and Tan Sri sebuk pulak nak tangkap lampu liplap. Ni pun nasib both of them are kept inhouse kalau tak, mau bertandang kat rumah Pnut!