Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Extended Family From Sibu

Raya 2009 was the most happening! Anna's family came to celebrate raya with us. They reached Senai at Raya Eve..... had ketupat for supper. The next day, we went jalan-jalan raya! ATE LOTS OF FOOD!!

From right: me, jenny, adik dhada and anna

Then, we followed the Chinese Culture - Makan Beramai-ramai. We went to my fav. seafood restaurant : ALAM. Fresh and yummy yummy......

Jenny with her FISH HEAD!

From right: Jenny, Anna's mother, Anna, Me and Adik Dhada.... burrrpppp

From right: Pak Engku, Anna's daddy and Adik Jan

Kekekkekekekeke .... makan makan makan : Anna is the happiest person here. Ya lo........ lama tak jumpa mereka kan?

OK. From right, Adik Jan (garu kepala ek dik??), Collin, Jacob and Jenny

These were the food we ate.


Ketam masak black paper

OK... it came to the end.... ni masa nak balik...
Collin, Jacob, Anna's daddy, Pak Engku and Adik Jan

Muahhhh muahhhh muahhhhh

alamak... apsal haku terselit kat situ ha????????

Monday, September 28, 2009

Everything Back To What it Was

I started my routine life yesterday (28 Sept 2009). Still need to gauge my mind to start all over again, but one thing that I most enjoy at work is the task and responsibility on my shoulder. That make me feel a little bit better. But again, with my new boss - quite appealing to me, hope I could perform better. Alhamdulillah.
Today, we will gonna have makan makan - as usual, I brought timun potong, nenas potong and bawang potong...... others brought the other part of the dish - laksa, kuah, and kuih muih. Hmmm.... macam mana nak diet kan?

Sunday, September 27, 2009


Arissa is another a MUST during hari raya. Arissa is a royal main dishes. Hmmmm susah nak explain macam mana nak buek tapi guna oats, whole chicken and ghee. Gelek gelek, gaul gaul (like dodol) and siap dah!

This is my god-daughter tengah mengacau Arissa
Pak Engku (Bah) dah test, dia kata macam Ungku Salmah buat.

Dah sedia untuk di packed kan dalam bekas .

Hari Raya, Hari Yang Mulia....

Alhamdulillah......... we went back to JB on Friday avening - after work. Adik Dhada drove the car, and it went smoothly - no traffic because we went out as scheduled - masa untuk warga kota pulang ke selatan tanahir - JB.

The drivers on road too drove carefully - no dangerous car passed our car and most of the drove with manners - I think the most of the road accidents are because they were 'mengantuk' kalau ikut cara pemanduan yang betul, insya allah selamat. We had our iftar at hentian rehat somewhere in Melaka, then continue our journey, safely at home around 11.00pm.

As usual, ketupat is the MUST...and we had difficult time to make it because Tan Sri is sebuk-ing nak buat ketupat jugak!

Geram betul!

Final touch. This one, only MAK could do it... kkekekkekee

My students..

I had a suprised visit last few weeks before raya. One of my students came to the tuition centre and turn up tp be a BIG BOY. The boy I used to see wasnt the same now. He stood still, dressed up like a grow up man. He is doing his PhD somewhere in the globe. I am proud of him. He gave me a KANGAROO and I like it so much!

Another week before raya too, another student of mine, had a car accident. So much lucky that she was OK. But her 'Noreen' (we gave her car a name after the accident - Noreen) had to be 'hospitalised'. And the world is so small, the person that she bumped was the person I knew about more than 20 years ago!!!!!! hehehehheheheheheh.. kelakar lah! At the CSI, when he saw me he said "Saya kenal awak nih....... student UPM kan?" kekekek and I smiled - wahhhh den masih femessss.
So my exstudent ni went to see him at UPM where he is working to say sorry - again he said, "Mak angkat awak tu, saya kenal lama dah... dari tahun 80an" kekekekkekekek aduisssss..... nak 'kembang' ke nak 'kuncup' nih???? kekkekekekeke

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Salam AidilFitri Selamat Hari Raya

Life is like a painting

And I painted my life beautifully. Its a prayer, and Allah listens to those who pray.
Aidil Fitri is a day of victory. And alhamdulillah, today adik dhada completed reciting the Al Furqan. I started it at early weeks of Ramadhan, she continued until yesterday. Syukur Alhamdulillah, we completed reciting it together, and telah pun Qatam Al Quran.
I must be proud of myself. I went to uninstitutionalised classes and not too serious in learning it. The old man who taught me that time was too busy with his work at his garden, while my other friends and myself, had to be in the living room, reciting the Quran. Well, he was well-versed with it - memorised it by hard. BUT DEFINATELY NOT US. Since he was not in front of us when we recited the holy book - he didnt realised that we had our own way to make it interesting. Just like and ads on TV "bila ibu tiada dirumah, semua benda boleh dimakan" - IMAGINATION lah! Akibatnya, I became just like that old man - learned it by hard and its hard for me to READ the Quran but its easy to say it out verbally. (by hard laa tuh!)
Until there was a month of Ramadhan - as usual, I became to 'open ceremony' - adik dhada always be the 'closing ceremony'. I was reciting the Quran slowly - merangkak'ly. And I felt so sleepy..... didnt realise I fall asleep. Until in the middle of the night I woke-up and continue recite the Al Quran, but this time was so fluent!!!!!!! I didnt know what happen, but its an experience.
There was another Ramadhan, at Mak's house in JB. I was reciting the Quran, then I saw mak went upstairs, just peeping at me. Then she went down. During the day, I was asking Mak, why she didnt say anything or was she looking for something that morning. And suprising me, SHE DIDNT WENT UP THAT MORNING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! jeng jeng jeng..... siapa kah itu???? it remains a mystery.
And so on... so on... each Ramadhan had its own stories. At this entry, I just want to share a victory for what we (my sister and I) had achieved - Both of us, telah Qatam Al Quran, Ramadhan 2009!
Alhamdulillah. To all my readers, Selamat Hari Raya and Maaf Zahir Batin. Memandu dengan berhemah!

Friday, September 11, 2009


(My 3G handphone with Mak Engku: So we can talk and see each other)

I took sometime to write about my childhood at my other blog ( and I know it rejuvenates my mind. And when I looked back, life isnt bad at all. I went through it successfully (alhamdulillah), yet there were some souring experience but it didnt make my life sour at all.

As usual, the mood of Raya has been attacking me after 2 weeks of fasting. I started ordering the cookies and shopping. I spent my time with my family - they came to Putrajaya, we chatted, we called each other. Most of the topics were RAYA!!! RAYA!!! and RAYA!!! Aidil Fitri never be the same until God listens and accepts my prayer - Aidil Fitri is colorful to me since I have mak and abah, a home to be called a real home, persons to talk and to share about almost EVERYTHING. And this few years... nearly 10 years, I feel the real meaning of AIDILFIRI.

But there is a shocking news for all of us. Mak Cik is suspected to have cancer. She is a joyful person, she has beautiful and sincere smile ever. Can be bold and funny at the same time. I enjoy myself each time I am with her. Receiving the fact, Mak Engku said she could accept it positively. Well, mak had that earlier and abah sure understood how Pak Cik felt. So perhaps mak and abah will console them..... wisely. To Mak CIk, we will always pray for your goodhealth. (nanti boleh masakkan lagi nasi briyani dan gear box soup ya!)

Puan Sri Natasya.

She's getting better and she already had her first vaccine. But after visiting the doctor, we discovered that she has 'kurap' - perhaps her thick hair - the doctor would like to vaccine her but after a week she had her fisrt jap - so next week, before balik kampung, we MUST take her to the clinic again. SO, now you guys know why we call her PUAN SRI - macam macam.... kalau manusia, mesti dah nak cucuk botox !!!! She likes to groom herself!!! Hmmmm you must see her in person!

Tan Sri Tommy.

After Puan Sri came back from the hospital, Tan Sri was very very excited! He ran here and there, took Puan Sri's hand to play, to sleep, to eat and to poo! Cess.............. kontrol macho betul! He would 'bath' Puan Sri when Puan Sri has nothing to do. He would search for Puan Sri if we started to look for Tan Sri - dia lah yg paling sebuk mencari juga!!! (can you imagine tak?)

Psssss.....ttttt... My sporting Jiran ( her lampu liplap ready at her anjung.... waaaaa...raya sakan nampak?! For us? iskkk....... nanti Puan Sri and Tan Sri sebuk pulak nak tangkap lampu liplap. Ni pun nasib both of them are kept inhouse kalau tak, mau bertandang kat rumah Pnut!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

This Ramadhan and Memories 09 09 09

Kg Limau Purut is a place I was brought up and now, Nenek pun tinggal di Kg Limau Perut (somewhere in JB). Kebetulan kan?
Sometimes, my mind flows back to the time when I was a small kid - and I do remember all of them..... their houses, names and even what they did.... let me list them out.....

1.Rumah Salleh- Acik Majid aka majid tekong, acik icham, kak ara (dulu nama tiara tu pelik..jam ni nama glamor beb), kak enab (hehe dulu ada penyanyi zainab majid, tamin, jaley, saleh dan daghus.
2.Rumah Izam: Pak Lang Yahya , ML Limah, kak Kiak, kak kamariah, suman, tapa, abang tapa tu sapa ye, idah, izam dan adik izam.
3.Rumah Acik Lijah: Acik Lijah, acik daud, kak ani, kak Lor.
4. Rumah Iyam: Cik Iyam, pacik Lahaman, Kidir, arwah abg mail, pridah, natrat, tiawan, aka tiawan ada dua ,illi, abg atan.
5. Rumah Cik Midah: Cik Midah, kak Rahmah, Kak Jie, Zul dan Kholid.
6. Rumah Cik Lamlah: Cik Lamlah, Cik Mihad, Kak Kam, Kak Non, Alang Karim, Itah, Juha, arwah Nora, Cumi.
7. Rumah Lobai Koyok: Lobai Koyok, Cik Jerah, Abg Ena Kari, Kak Leha, akak pada Leha, Udin kocik.
8.Rumah Umi: Cik Umi, Cik Borhan, Abg Braim, Kak Iyah, Udin besar, Apa gomok, kamariah , ano.
Rumah Deraman: Pak Long Deraman, bini dia, abg Ujang toyak, abg zahar, akak ros, ado sorang lagi lelaki tu nama apo tah dan asri.
9. Rumah Selomah: Selomah, cik enab, obet. Ujang.
10.Rumah Sail: Acik Sail, bini ee, Mayut, Ujang Buncit dan Isteri, Cikgu Usup dan Anja,
11. Rumah Indok Timah: Indok Timah
12. Rumah Uwan Cik Amah: Wan Cik Amah, Kak Hawa, Pak Nusi, Arwah kak leha, kak Zaimiah dan abang ujang.
13. Rumah Wan Indun: Wan Indun, Abg amad Playboy, AmanKadir, Ujang, Pak Ulung Saji.
14. Rumah Cik Lipah: Acik Lipah, Acik Ujang, Abg Duan, Mala, Ati, Maznah, adik maznah tu nama sapo ye.
15. Rumah satu ni slalu rurup. Letaknya antara rumah Pie dgn rumah Acik Jenab.
16. Rumah Pie: Acik Pie, Acik Seriah, Along kasim, alim, abg alim yang kawin dgn anak mail bubut, daro, dawood, timah.
17. Rumah Latit: Acik Latit Kalam, Acik Jomah, Akak Ano, Akak imai, Lina, Aju, Zurid.
18.Rumah Lobai Diris: Lobai Diris, Biniee hehe lupo namo, Kak Long, Abg Kama, arwah ghodi, imam Ghazali aka imam pa-awa.
19. Rumah Derih: Atuk Deris, Acik awo, abang Akob, abang akob yg kawin ngan anak yunus tu nama sapa yo, abang iya aka iya tachung.
20. Rumah Manap: Acik Manap Tombot, acik baah, embung ani, arwah uwok, mali, icum, iyo, johari, johaimi dan adik dia..rose kut.
21.Rumah Yunus (rumah arwah wan Imat): Yunus, isteri dia, pridah, amat perak, adik dia tiga orang.
22. Rumah Haji Jaalam: Isteri dia manis, Kak Long tu jarang nampak, abang Baha, Udin .
23. Rumah Jadam: Acik Jadam. Acik Ami, Mayo. anak-anak mayo-izan, nuri dan adik dia.
24. Rumah Isa: abg Isa, akak Chabui, anak dia amat.
25. Rumah Haji Ghohin: Haji Ghohin Kiok, yaghuh Latun, anak pempuan dia (omak Chunek), Chunek 3 beradik.
26. Rumah Akob Rebung: Akub Rebung, Yaghuh Siah, Ujang sayau, bini ujang sayau dan dua anak dia .
27. Rumah Mat Letop: Mat Letup, Iyam Mat Letup, Anak dia saleh, arshad, mariani, Ena.
28. Rumah Edot: Edot, Kadir dan tiga anak dia. Yaghuh Munap dan isteri dia.
29. Rumah Bedah : Bedah, Bidin, Pari , Badur dan Ilah.
Kekekekkeekke tak sangka kan? I have all of them in one of the folders huhuhuhuhuhu.......

Oh ya...... if you notice, at the end of the window in this blog, I have created another blog (Dunia Dr. Norzah) and sometimes I just want to write in my own language - if you want to familiarize yourself with Bahasa Negeri Sembilan, come and read that blog - this one... will remain the TOP of My List!

Monday, September 7, 2009

I remember them.. do they?

Remember I told you guys regarding my friend, Fadhil in one of the postings and recently he called. Well, he is still a friend of mine and we do share some sweet memories as 'budak kampung'. Yet now, we are no longer 'budak kampung' that people could look down at us. He is a lawyer and I am a Doctor - as what we disscussed and 'angan' kan when we were young. I could not remember having his photo during our childhood, but this was taken when he came to my house - perhaps it was the second meeting. I was so happy he never changed perhaps both of us... still like dolu dolu..

But I had another memory.... when I was young, I had few good friends ... just like The Famous Five - We infact named our group as LINA (hahahhaha macam lagu Dato' Shake pulak kan). Lina is for:

N-NNorzah and

..ekekekeke..hmmmmm see.... lah.. macam gangster pulak! The best part was we had our Badge (guna kertas) and we wore it all the time... hahhahahahahha huwahahaha..Only if they read this blog....... sure we end up with a big smile... ekkekeke apa tidaknya..... The Famous Five gitu - kan cari kes-kes yang boleh diselesaikan.....fuh sakan...! Mana dia orang ek!

Sunday, September 6, 2009


This photos was taken I think 5 years ago??? in 2004 ?? Hmmmm too old to remember this event. But it was during Hari Raya... at Nek's house in JB. And it was the very first time I learn how to make my own ketupat!!!!! Yaaa hooo.................

And I marked the ketupat, so I can ate my own... hehehehehe..... tapi bilo dah masuk dalam periuk.... sama je... hahahahhaha

But this year Mak (Engku) kata tak nak buat ketupat. Dia nak buat Arissa... sejenis makanan tradisi kaum kerabat diraja Johor.... bahan bahannya mudah tapi time dolu dolu mahal ler... tak de orang kebanyakkan nak membuek nyo.

Dah makan ariisa?

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Gali Gali Gali

Comel nyer ENGINE ....... suka dapat kotak kekekekke