Saturday, September 20, 2008

More about our newly-born garden

This is another view of our garden. The grass is still not smooth... hopefully as time passes by.... ia nampak lebih cantik lagi.

Another side of the house.

Ekekek... this is the Zen concept.

God's Little Flowers

Garden of flowers.
God's little flowers,
So pure, and unique in color, and in difference.
Growing, nutrienting of His love,
No waiving,
Only tears of joy from His Holy Spirit,
There is an field one day I will.. be among,
An field of ripe and flushing beauty,
Nor am I far only near to heart,
Where green pastures vivid, and far as the eyes see,
Only tears of joy becoming of my flesh, and spirit as one
I am of many flowers within God's Garden,
I am nothing special,
Only blessed to be within His Garden of simplicity.
I am the flower that blooms eastward,
And the flower that blossoms southward,
As well the flower that grows, and replenishes every season.
Written by Feon Davis Isaiah 40:8

This is Kekwa
Red Rose
Yellow Rose
Red Ros (again... tapi lain sikit merah dia.. merah darah)


Garden in always be our mind wander.

We (my sister and I) could talk about our imagenery garden for hours hours.

And this make my mind again..wonder.. why some people or it could be anybody...may say that they have nothing to talk about with their housemate/friends/siblings. But when I look into both of us or even with mak engku and pak engku, adik and anna, 365/12/24/7 pun not enough to talk about our mind.

Finally, we decided to make over our sahara to be the 'watered garden'

Its a hard work... monetarily and mentaly. Not because we are'nt interior/exterior designer its just to remain our originality. My sister love the English Garden Concept.. when I love the Zen. Hah... cemano nak buek?

If you look at our previous posts, you could see how
dry our garden was... and not. Ekekekeke.... cantik kan (to my eyes lerr)

First, we bought the carpet grass (from philipine). Its aroung RM4.00 -RM3.50 per piece. We bought about 77 pieces. My sister did all the susunan dan tanaman. Me??? Biasalah. Angkut dari kereta, tolong bukak plastik.

The reflexology cemment, we bought 17 peices, the price was RM12 at Alamanda. But we manage to get cheaper...... its about Rm9.