Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Puan Sri Natasya

Huhuhu... sedih nih... my new kitten - Tasya - sakit. She losts her appetite and murung. Huarghhh........we took her to the clinic the day mak engku was here... but nothing much improvement.

We gave her glucose, multivitamin gel - it helps her to sustain.

Cant wait.... we email a vet via one of the forum in the net. He advise us too:

Dear ********,
Sorry for the late reply, I was having meeting from the morning.
Without looking at your kitten, it is quite difficult for me to tell you what is wrong with her. One thing for sure, if she does not have vaccination as yet, the chances of her contracting viral infection are there, some of them can be fatal. There are test kits available at the vet clinic to test for important fatal viral infections for cat. I'm not sure whether the vet you have visited conduct the screening but I do believe she does. Antibiotics can help to prevent secondary bacterial infection but cannot treat viral infection if any has been confirmed.
You mentioned that your kitten has lost appetite and you are doing force-feeding now. How long has this been going on? Has she been drinking? Is her condition deteriorate since you visited the vet? Constant lost of appetite and lost of body condition can cause liver and kidney malfunction, that may leads to more complication. I do recommend you to send her for drips fearing that she might have severely dehydrated and emaciated.
Please send her to the vet immediately and do keep her warm by wrapping with towels and warm water bag if possible. If the time permits, please send her to UPM University Veterinary Hospital as soon as possible. You may look for Dr. Jason or Dr. Nor. If you can let me know your location, I may be able to recommend some of my colleagues for your reference.
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Dr. M****************************** (Dip. AHH, DVM)

Upon receiving this email, we immidiately took Tasha to vet and get her over night for drips. Just now I called the Dr. and he said Tasha is better than yesterday, but still cant say much on her positive progress.

We do not want to take any of her picture now.... she has to be good in photo - please pray for her......... may Puan Sri can be active again. Tan Sri 'T' really miss her......