Tuesday, May 19, 2009

My brother, friend and student

Hello again,

These are more pictures taken when we were in London - this visit was the warmest visit we had because I met my student - Kim in London - I was touched when he came and 'search' for us in London - hey - London is a big city (not really and not actually can make you lost in London) but he got his way to the Thames River and get to meet all of us!

"Geng Budak Baik" masa di sekolah - kecik je dulu dulu - dan nakal !!! but see what he is now.... a man, a father of three sons!

This picture makes me feel so old ' lah!


UK - RETAIL THERAPY kan Mak Engku?

This is the Georgian Door - kekekek cun tak?

Mak Engku selepas shop at Penneys - chewahhhh.. happy nya dia!
Tadaaaa...... happy family!

London - Ireland best place to do Retail Therapy after a long long work! We had this experience few times in UK. The best part is to carry many paper bags (I learnt this from adik dhada - she likes this so much - dont you ever try to assist her with her shopping bags - dia marah! kekeekkekke - sampai tertinggal lah 4 perfumes she bought in Paris!!! Nasib ler dapat claim VAT - tak ler rasa rugi sangat!) And this time, was the merrier because Aida and Yazed came from Dublin to join us.