Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Flirting text messages

This is interesting... got this when I was reading something in my sis' library..

U R O-O (you are cool)

U R 2 QT 2B 4GOTN (you are too cute to be forgotten)

2 6Y (too sexy)

U R A* (you are a star)

:)(: L8R (meet later)

%-) (intoxicated)

hahahaha - bes kan?

And another streets

There is anormous amnount that has to be studied and learnt about people of the other country. The way they think, they feel, they talk, they DRIVE! they EAT! hmmm most everything! And these are some pictures that give me some insights about life.....
Fruits - fresh fruits can be found almost in every market. The size is huge! And the taste?? Hmm... definately yummy!
Hah... this I cant resist. Mocca, Robusta, Arabia.... walaaaaa... sodap!

The Bongsai Garden

This is the best snap... I bet this old man, is the War Veteran. He might be thinking about his past.....seeing through the balcony... of what his country has served for him, or what he has served for his country..

This is the Parliment at Night