Monday, September 7, 2009

I remember them.. do they?

Remember I told you guys regarding my friend, Fadhil in one of the postings and recently he called. Well, he is still a friend of mine and we do share some sweet memories as 'budak kampung'. Yet now, we are no longer 'budak kampung' that people could look down at us. He is a lawyer and I am a Doctor - as what we disscussed and 'angan' kan when we were young. I could not remember having his photo during our childhood, but this was taken when he came to my house - perhaps it was the second meeting. I was so happy he never changed perhaps both of us... still like dolu dolu..

But I had another memory.... when I was young, I had few good friends ... just like The Famous Five - We infact named our group as LINA (hahahhaha macam lagu Dato' Shake pulak kan). Lina is for:

N-NNorzah and

..ekekekeke..hmmmmm see.... lah.. macam gangster pulak! The best part was we had our Badge (guna kertas) and we wore it all the time... hahhahahahahha huwahahaha..Only if they read this blog....... sure we end up with a big smile... ekkekeke apa tidaknya..... The Famous Five gitu - kan cari kes-kes yang boleh diselesaikan.....fuh sakan...! Mana dia orang ek!