Sunday, April 18, 2010


Time has passed so fast. After itu ini itu ini,MC bla bla bla its already MAY. Huh MAY? How about my KPI for this year? I mean my personal KPI not the actual mean KPI as mentioned by the Government...
1. I have promised Associate Prof Dr. Sofian to write four articles about Mental
Imagery for journals submission.
2. I plan to write two books this year. The book that i am working on is about
Practicle Use of Mental Imagery In Daily Life and the other one is a
3. Well another one perhaps to perform Umrah end of this year (sejuk sikit)

Hmmmm... dah Mei..sempat ke capai semua ni....InsyaAllah!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Burung But But

One fine afternoon, I saw a bird was hit by a car infront of me. So, I asked adik to stop and I went to look. It was burung but but - still alive and I brought it back.

After 3 days at home, finally the bird is fit to free and fly by its own......

Sehari Semalam Di Hospital

Mak Engku was there....... meneman-ing me all time :) Bawa buah, bantal ..... air :)

Kucing & Me Jalan-Jalan

Puan Sri Natasya yang gediks....

Setelah itu, bersantai santai di kolam, sambil makan buah buahan dari kebun sendiri... such a beautiful day

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Gotong Royong

Adik and Anna with Baby Dhannia are with us at Putrajaya. The house is never be so lightfull untill Baby Dhannia is at home....

And, kami pun bergotong royong mencuci pool - hehehe just a caution action - as its a Free Water Supply for Selangor.. mana tau laa kan... kot cume untuk setahun je.. kekkekeke....

Baby Dhannia dah Merangkak

And she is only 4 months........ so cute !! she's a strong baby. When she was at the ICU, we kept on caling her name, sing the song she used to hear - Pak Cukuk Genggam Gamit and 'Pada Suatu Hari...' untill all the nurses sang along with us when we came..... so cute! Thanks miss misi!

Many Things Happened But I am Still Glad...

***Gambar Baby Dhannia and Mummy - after recovering .. its a miracle - syukur alhamdulillah..

***Gambar Baby Dhannia - given by the ER Staff

***Gambar kereta.....

(entah kenapa laaaaaa tak boleh nak edit gambar nih masa haku buat benda ni .... )

After I was admitted to Hospital, and got the date for the operation on 13 Mac 2010, mak engku and pak engku, adik jan, anna and baby dhania planned to be with me for support. They drove Mitshubitsi Triton from JB heading to Putrajaya. But they had a terrible accident at Tangkak-Pagoh highway due to the cross wind!

It was a heart-breaking news. Adik Dhada and I could not imagine how it felt receiving the news, what more when it was from a stranger - named MR GOH - he said, the car skidded because of a black snake he saw from behind, went to the other side of the road and tumbling THREE TIMES! Allahuakhbar!!!

But when I asked adik jan, he didnt langgar any snake... the car was 'flicked' at the back, and that led it to the other side of the road.


We were from ******a*, straight to Hospital Muar - the road was not so good-raining, jammed and arghhhh... tensen tensen!

Arrived late night, Utih and Pak Teh were there.. A.Lo too. Met mak, bah - they were in a special room - beside the Emergency Room - dhannia was there - not stable and iskkkk susah nak terangkan ler...

Adik had to sign different forms just to get ready *a* news... arghhh.......

I cant do much - my leg in pain, but I have prayers for her....

Later, Anna's mom arrived from Kuching - JB - Muar - that's a relieve.... at least for Anna.

Susah nak terangkan, but adik Dhada is strong. Not a single tears I saw from her face......