Monday, February 9, 2009

Kaki Ku Kaki Kuku Kaki

I have problem with my kaki - especially the tumit... arghhh.... i knew that its because my kaki has been used so much. Just imagine.. when I was about 10-12 years old, my old man asked me to run every morning and evening for more than 1 kilometre a day! He would cycled till the end - awaiting for me and let me run again, back to my house... and for many months... he married with the widow where he used to wait for me. Eversince, he left the house and stayed with my new mom. Huh..... its still fresh in my mind how hard was I to let him go. I hanged onto his legs, persuaded that he never go there and be with me at my late mom's house where we used to live as a big family. But I was a child - with no strength - my brother handled me let my hands go off from my dad's leg... crying just let him go away.. until faded from my eyes side. But I never let that pulled me down - infact the trainning let me aware and awake that I have to stand by my own. Ya... be strong and stronger.

And I had to get a massager.... but that didnt help much. It may ease the pain. Huh... I am not so worry now because I have Mak Ungku dan Pak Ungku that would take care of me. Their love and care make me alive..... ya.... alive !

These feet are my sisters.... she always accompany me where ever I go. Thanks adik... thanks.