Sunday, September 27, 2009


Arissa is another a MUST during hari raya. Arissa is a royal main dishes. Hmmmm susah nak explain macam mana nak buek tapi guna oats, whole chicken and ghee. Gelek gelek, gaul gaul (like dodol) and siap dah!

This is my god-daughter tengah mengacau Arissa
Pak Engku (Bah) dah test, dia kata macam Ungku Salmah buat.

Dah sedia untuk di packed kan dalam bekas .

Hari Raya, Hari Yang Mulia....

Alhamdulillah......... we went back to JB on Friday avening - after work. Adik Dhada drove the car, and it went smoothly - no traffic because we went out as scheduled - masa untuk warga kota pulang ke selatan tanahir - JB.

The drivers on road too drove carefully - no dangerous car passed our car and most of the drove with manners - I think the most of the road accidents are because they were 'mengantuk' kalau ikut cara pemanduan yang betul, insya allah selamat. We had our iftar at hentian rehat somewhere in Melaka, then continue our journey, safely at home around 11.00pm.

As usual, ketupat is the MUST...and we had difficult time to make it because Tan Sri is sebuk-ing nak buat ketupat jugak!

Geram betul!

Final touch. This one, only MAK could do it... kkekekkekee

My students..

I had a suprised visit last few weeks before raya. One of my students came to the tuition centre and turn up tp be a BIG BOY. The boy I used to see wasnt the same now. He stood still, dressed up like a grow up man. He is doing his PhD somewhere in the globe. I am proud of him. He gave me a KANGAROO and I like it so much!

Another week before raya too, another student of mine, had a car accident. So much lucky that she was OK. But her 'Noreen' (we gave her car a name after the accident - Noreen) had to be 'hospitalised'. And the world is so small, the person that she bumped was the person I knew about more than 20 years ago!!!!!! hehehehheheheheheh.. kelakar lah! At the CSI, when he saw me he said "Saya kenal awak nih....... student UPM kan?" kekekek and I smiled - wahhhh den masih femessss.
So my exstudent ni went to see him at UPM where he is working to say sorry - again he said, "Mak angkat awak tu, saya kenal lama dah... dari tahun 80an" kekekekkekekek aduisssss..... nak 'kembang' ke nak 'kuncup' nih???? kekkekekekeke