Wednesday, April 27, 2011

FB anyone?

Hmmmm..... gotcha !!!!!!!!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Lama nyer tak berenang....

I am still has no confidence (yet) to jump into the pool... afraid if the stitches get infected (its a ridiculous thought.. I know..) .... nanti lah.. dah janji dgn adik dan jiran untuk mulakan kelas berenang soon.. kekekeke...


Tapi kan... while I was browsing the net (DesignRulz), I found fake-swimming-pool huaaaa...... ni ssemua berlaku kat Jepun... hai yooo manyak kretip laaa.......

Korang jgn terjun pulak tau, kalau jumpa pool ni kat tepi jalan! Mau benjol kepala!!


Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Anger Management

Have you ever feel unloved or angry for no specific reason? Or may be you feel not important just because there are some one else is better than you? They could be your brothers, sisters, cousins, friends, or even your best friend. You cannot run away with the feeling because one day the feeling will get heated and finally you throw your tantrum to others.

What is tantrum? Tantrum is type of emotional expression. For example, when your parents telling you something that you may not agree with, instead of talking to them politely, you might slam the door, yell at them, or just leave the room. May be you have observed at the shopping mall, small child was crying out loud because the mother refuse to buy him or her the toy on the rack. That is tantrum.
You must know how to control your negative emotion (like angry) so that you would not get tantrum. Here is the checklist for you to ask yourself:

i. WHAT makes you angry?

Is it when….
• People always pick on you?
• You don’t understand what people want from you?
• No body is listening to what you want?
• _______________________________________

ii. WHAT you think when you are angry?

Are you thinking to …
• Hurt others before they can hurt you ?
• Hurt yourself because you think you should be punished?
• Want to argue with the authority (teacher, parents, prefect)?
• _______________________________________

iii. HOW do you feel that time?

Are you feeling…
• Frustrated?
• Downhearted?
• Powerless to do anything about your life?
• _______________________________________

Try to observe your own emotion for a week. See how many time(s) in a week you feel angry. See how you deal with your anger. Does anger help you to solve your problem? What are the consequences after you show your tantrum?
Let’s identify things that you do to help you stay calm. List all the positive strategies that help you most to deal with the feeling of anger.

• Listen to music and sing along
• Talk to yourself – self monologue
• Do physical activities like some exercise
• Write your feeling in diary or create a blog

Remember, you have to control your anger, before it controls you! Talk to someone you trust is the best. You can talk to your parents, siblings, friends, teachers or go and see your school counselor – anyone that can help you to work on your feelings, help you to build up strategies in dealing with difficult situations that may trigger you anger. Sometimes, anger could boost your creativity. You can always let go your feelings by writing poems, song lyrics or any form of art projects!

Each time you feel angry, you could use the positive methods that work for you to control your anger. Try to think of solutions. This will help you successfully resolve your anger in a positive way.

Dr.Norzah Abd Ghani

Sunday, April 17, 2011


Kelakar bagi yang rasa kelakar....

(taken from internet... so its not from my camera!)

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Jalan jalan....

As I do my internet-walking... I saw this in one of the forums I have visited...hmmmm... well, dont take it too serious... at least the 'owner' brave enough to write in English huh!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Akademi Fantasia @ Home

Well, the heat of Akademi Fantasia is on. Though I am not a fanatic fan (used to be hihihihihi) but I have strong fond to music. I didnt get any formal music class, or vocal class... but because of great exposure to music instruments, bands and observing my brothers playing those 'magic things' has so much influence in my life.

As the youngest in the family I always felt that I was 'used' by them... pegi kedai, kemas umah, kemas itu, amik ini, susun itu, susun ini.... and I had no chance at all to play the 'magic things' at home... not until my brothers were out... then, silently I touch here and there... play here and there... And that's the way I learnt the 'magic things'. Until I said to myself that ONE DAY... I WILL HAVE MY OWN STUDIO .... AND ALL MINE!!

I was somewhere between muddled and nonexistent - sometimes I profoundly misundertand the elasticity of my presence at home. But during my university life, music--and performance help me to cope. Music has constantly help me to feel new, fresh, enjoy and absorb life positively.

Now, my concept is music help us to aid ourselves and others in enjoying life. I want music to be a medium for all of us to stay organized, making learning as part of games which are fun and educational!

And to my 'femes' neighbor.... thanks for giving me the trust to teach your talented boy!