Monday, December 28, 2009

Job Stress?

Its near to the 2010 and my job load never ends. Everyday, even how much I try to get it done, the next day, there will be more letters, memos and to do's lists. I love my job, and I am glad that I have (finally) a buddy that at least could help me in many ways - may be I already know and foresee the personality characters of my buddy (I mean a real buddy) - huhuhuhuhu - lebih kurang sama macam yang ada kat rumah tuh.... so, its easy la to handle (hehehehhehe). And I feel glad that my buddy too, get used to my persona and at least could accept me when I am in a good mood, and the other - well, I think my buddy too, learnt about me (if that buddy is reading and following this blog, thanks so much for being so understanding, and keep on understanding me - and if you could satisfy me, then, you definately could satisfy others) - huhh... ayat...... adakah haku ini office mate yang dikategorikan 'sukar' ??? oh tidakkk!!!!! well, I have my personal psychologist to help me then........... (ma'dam........ please I need more medication!!!)

Hmmm...... I celebrated my 4* birthday, on 25th December 2009 - my brother did a suprise. Akak Dhada and my self went to Perling Mall - to get me some socks to heal my cramps - and as I reached home, mak, adik Jan, adik Anna and akak Dhada - sang loudly - as loud as the rain.... "Happy birthday to you..... happy birthday to you... happy birthday to Cik Ad.... happy birthday to you" - They never missed the celebration! I LOVE YOU ALL !!!!!

I remember each year - utih, ucu, a-a a.k.a g-bon, everybody in the family wish me long life, prosperity and happiness... ameen - remembering all these, has lessen the stress - alhamdulillah.

ps: This year... there's a lot of suprises! I get my self 2 electric guitar (imported) , a netbook, trip to UK and Surabaya. Hmmmmmmmm may all the years will get better and better.....

Friday, December 11, 2009

Raja Puteri Nur Dhannia - Mama D's heart

A Wee Bit of Heaven

A wee bit of heaven
Drifted down from above
A handful of happiness
A heartful of love
A mystery of life
So sacred and so sweet
The giver of joy
So deep and complete.
Precious and priceless
So lovable too
The worls'd sweetest miracle
Baby, it's you.
- By Helen Steiner Rice

Did I Shun??

Pemandangan Gunung Bromo setelah mendaki apprx. 250 steps, before that, terpaksa naik kuda merentasi gurun pasir (nak jalan kaki boleh... but its about 2km. naik kuda, cuma bayar
50 000 rp saja).

Di kawasan Sunan Ampel - One of the Wali Songo in Indonesia - I was astonished with stories how they performed dakwah to the Indonesian who was primely influenced by the Hindus.

Di kota Wonokromo, Surabaya inilah Sunan Ampel disemadikan.

Sunan Ampel is a name taken from the place he (sunan ampel 's real name is Raden Rahmatullah from the Champa Teritory - somewhere in Thailand) decided to berdakwah - his way of berdakwah is more towards toleration between the local people and the teaching of islam. Beliau hanya memberikan pengajaran sederhana yang menekankan pada penanaman akidah dan ibadah. Dia-lah yang mengenalkan istilah "Mo Limo" (moh main, moh ngombe, moh maling, moh madat, moh madon). Yakni seruan untuk "tidak berjudi, tidak minum minuman keras, tidak mencuri, tidak menggunakan narkotik, dan tidak berzina."
Mak bought a book on Wali Songo and I have read it all. Difficult to share it here... but its an eye opener for me to see things beyond my left logic brain!

The Pheonix - Burung Cenderawasih.... memang lembut bulunya...... cantik banget!

I am back...

Such a long break I had.
We went to Surabaya, Indonesia ; Mak, Abah, Adik Dhada and Aping - Adik Jan and Adik Anna, supposedly with us, but Adik Anna delivered the first grand-daughter of the family, and the first grand-daughter from the the first son of the family (iskkkkkk belit belit).... so they could not come with us. Sure, kalau Adik Jan dan Adik Anna, ada, tentu best - especially the part at Bromo Volcanic Mountain - I have huge stories to share.... about the new member of the family - and me as "Mama D" now................. kekekekkekeke best rupanya jadi 'Mama D' - Mama D to Raja Puteri Nur Dhannia Raja Mohd Kamarizan...

Monday, November 23, 2009

I feel the earth... move... under my feet...

Be happy!
You will grow into God’s greatest blessing, His highest pride.
Be happy!
Yesterday’s world wants you to enjoy its surrendering breath. Today’s world wants you to enjoy its surrendered breath. Tomorrow’s world wants you to enjoy its fulfilling breath.
Be happy!
Be happy in the morning with what you have.Be happy in the evening with what you are.
Be happy!
Do not complain. Who complains? The blind beggar in you. When you complain, you dance in the mire of ignorance. When you do not complain, all conditions of the world are at your feet, and God gives you a new name: aspiration. Aspiration is the supreme wealth in the world of light and delight.
Be happy!
Do you want never to be poor? Then be happy.Do you want ever to be great? Then be happy.
Be happy!
You will get what you like most.You will get what you like best.
Be happy!
God sees in you His aspiring creation. His transforming realization, His illumining revelation, and His fulfilling manifestation.
Be happy!
Be happy!
- Sri Chinmoy

Me and My Fujimaru Children

Last weekend was a busy weekend but I enjoyed the weekend until I found it hard to let the days go.... I cant believe myself that I felt so touched with their presence in my life. sob... sob.... Din, Jan, Kouru and Zee.... I will be missing you all....

Me, Kouru, Aping and Zee in the Fujimaru ship.

Din, Kouru, Aping, Zee and Ijan in the Taming Sari Tower 7 minutes strip on the skywalk.

If not because of them, I, Adik Dhada and Aping would never be in this place.. somewhere in Putrajaya.

Supper at Azu Maju.

Indeed, I miss them. Their laughter, jokes and warmth. Hope that I will meet them again. And unfortunately, I cant wait until the flag waving moment. I was in hurry to the airport for Kuantan that evening. But I am sure, they will come back again!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Bakul Frm Bukit Serene

Pic lama.... just got a few minutes before I start to rumble in this tiny office. Bakul from Bukit Serene. Some one 'there' managed to get it out from the golden cage. Ekekekek... you go girl!

I love the weather lately. Cool, peace and calm. Alhamdulillah.

Monday, November 2, 2009

..... my heart whispers

Pergi rumah induk, teringat macam macam.... sedih....gembira.... sayu..... nasb ada kak ngah..... dulu, selalu memain kat sini..

............... have no words to say but i think its better not to say.... just do not want to hurt more individuals and more feelings. Sometimes i dont understand why should apathy come into my life...... why and thought it is just part of the repression and supression of my own feelings.
Or am i being too blunt to those feelings or am i being too technical in dealing with day-to-day life. and today .. perhaps yesterday.... i made a mistake.....And just wonder i am polishing the surface of the emotions that have be stoned..begin to love flowers and the beautifulness of the nature...... the emotions inside starts to soften again...
Lord.. i wonder why.... a day before... i had this dream that there were four sides where i have to go and each side represents some significant others in my life...I wonder.............

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Stories... again... just a story

Some one told me to write some of my stories here, instead at my other blog why? because at the blog my writings are in bahasa negori... hehehe sorry my dearest readears... but one thing that I really like most and finally have the guts to share it here is about my childhood time.. especially being the youngest in the family.. huh.. not as beautiful as what many people perceived it.. at least, not for me. It was the hardest time.... I remember when the villagers called me "Kemuncup", "prewel mati (prewel basikal zaman dulu)" "anak korek korek" huh.... and the only reason was I always attached to my mom. Just imagine, I was still with my swinger (Buai) when I was 10 years old! My dad gantung tali pada palang 'peran'. Talinya tali lembu..kain buaiannya kain selimut. Kekekke you could hardly find it nowadays.... they just buy the electrical swinger... not like my time those day.. mesti ada palang nak buat buai.

And I remember the day my mom passed away... and when she was "dimandikan" the buat was there and I saw everything vividly from the buai... yet, I remember each single thing they did to my mom. I was so mad when there was a lady, called "keledek" boleh tanya "emak ko mano?" Padahal dia tahu mak tengah terbujur...meninggal dunia....iskkkk.. what a world! Even now I think I try to rationalize that she might be want to start a conversation with me.

Being the youngest for me is a confusing scenario - pergi kedai..ambil itu..ambil ini...tahap- tahap asistant - huh...... ....semua kena buat..panjat pokok ambil buah...kena marah tu biasa sangat...and the worst thing was... i always feel left out - orang terlupa kot? lupa aku menyorok bawah lemari, lupa aku tak makan lagi, lupa aku belum main lagi (walhal dah janji)...... and... (hmmm tak yah citer lah)

And I grew older, I learnt about 'sindrom anak bongsu' .... huh! all the questions answered, and many of it still left unanswered... but who care now? I have my instant family and the best part is, I am no longer the youngest... but the ELDEST instead! yaaaabaadaaaabeeeduuuuuu being a "Kak Long" adik dua je dan dah besar besar eheheheee. Heppppp jangan melawan Kak Long cakap....agaknya adik hakula plak menderita jadi adik ekekekkee...lalalalalllaaaaa....senangnya dalam hati...

Monday, October 19, 2009

What is in the photo?

I like this photo. It has the chemistry. It looks lively. And its real. An equal distance between the girl (Suhaila) and my Tan Sri Tommy... and it does not separate the spirits inside these two beings.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Makan Makan Raya Raya

Happy Birthday to my sister - Adik Dhada - on the day we invited relatives to our hut on 26-27 September 2009 - and on the 27 Sept. is my sister's birthday.. so we celebrated with mak, abah, aping, gbon and tut tut, bibik.... and all...... sharped in 12.00 midnight, 27 September 2009.
**gambar tak boleh nak upload coz semuanya sexy sexy belaka hukhukhuksss**

Aping and her Sate....

A-a aka Gbon

Abah (Pak Engku) and ML (Mak Engku Gai)

And the following day, my family came and the day became marrier

Ramai....... macam ada kenduri

See........ and then my eldest brother cam... and its the ending of the day.. but we really had a beautiful chat. Along spent his time at our music room.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Jalan Jalan Raya

I am too busy with my work... and I feel guilty for not updating this blog - huh.. am I hooked with my own blog?????? This are som pics taken at Mak Long's house. She has guests whom happen to be Adik Dhada's friend in Dublin (Kak Fid) punya relative and our neighbour!! What a small world kan?

Kuih kuih dari Istana Bukit Serene

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Extended Family From Sibu

Raya 2009 was the most happening! Anna's family came to celebrate raya with us. They reached Senai at Raya Eve..... had ketupat for supper. The next day, we went jalan-jalan raya! ATE LOTS OF FOOD!!

From right: me, jenny, adik dhada and anna

Then, we followed the Chinese Culture - Makan Beramai-ramai. We went to my fav. seafood restaurant : ALAM. Fresh and yummy yummy......

Jenny with her FISH HEAD!

From right: Jenny, Anna's mother, Anna, Me and Adik Dhada.... burrrpppp

From right: Pak Engku, Anna's daddy and Adik Jan

Kekekkekekekeke .... makan makan makan : Anna is the happiest person here. Ya lo........ lama tak jumpa mereka kan?

OK. From right, Adik Jan (garu kepala ek dik??), Collin, Jacob and Jenny

These were the food we ate.


Ketam masak black paper

OK... it came to the end.... ni masa nak balik...
Collin, Jacob, Anna's daddy, Pak Engku and Adik Jan

Muahhhh muahhhh muahhhhh

alamak... apsal haku terselit kat situ ha????????