Thursday, April 30, 2009

Kekekekekek.... Adik Dhada Punya

Entah macam mana browse pc ni jumpa pulak lukisan adik dhada dulu dulu... hmmmm I think benda ni tahun 1999 atau 2000 kot? Lebih kurang laa... she had the time to belajar melukis. So, these are all hers:

Garangnya mata kucing dia......... tapi kucing macam yang ada kat umah.. nama dia ADEL.
This is cute - macam garfield kan??? Tapi dia tulis Merlin - we had a cat named Merlin - Kucing Pak Engku- When Pak Engku was away for his ovc trip, Merlin tak turun dari para hingga Pak Engku pulang...... cute kan??

This was jotted as 'Anggerik Desa' cheewaahhhh......

Monday, April 27, 2009

Make Over

I was a little bit busy lately but alhamdulillah, things are over now - and I am crossing my fingers to make it happen - its not in my hands now.... but HE will decide...(huh... what am I talking about huh? tak apa laaa.... kalau tak faham buat buat anggukkan kepala je la yea)

Cantik tak??? Susun atur bunga ni hasil dari tangan adik. Hmmm main cucuk je nih, tapi dalam gambar cantik pulak.Sampai pasu Brbie Doll dia pun jadi vase.

OK. This is my work - nak ber konsepkan Country English, kami korbankan almari kayu. Previously our concept was kayu - but now dah tukar taste - di ruang kedua.

Buat sendiri!

Gigih nih...

Tada.................. inilah hasilnya!

Saturday, April 18, 2009


I never thought that I would achieve what I want - especially something that never can ever come back as the time passes by. But in order to keep myself on the right track, now I learnt to spend some time with someone who appreciates just the way I am.

It's mind boggling to me that so many people outside, who may and may not experience the same situation as I gone though or perhaps they just make such great lengths trying to look like, talk like or act like someone completely different from who they really are. Why? Just to CONFORM with the society, with the people whom they thought belongs to them. But I just need to be comfortable being real around others. BE LIKE WHAT I AM TODAY - Even the society has given some guidelines for men and women, and being or act like one, but it does not make me more beautiful and unique. Thanks to people around me who always sending positive massages that unknowingly it has become the most effective emotional therapeutic moment because those messages allow me to get comfortable having fun again without the pressures to conform.

I wonder if I am being too philosophical lately....(bersabar je la yek.... blog den, sukati den lah ea)

Thursday, April 16, 2009


I have been watching news lately especially on the 'peralihan kuasa' and what I could observe is the many of us lack of emotional maturity. Sometimes I wonder if I have to laugh at or just kept it to myself. But emotional maturity is a quality that politicians must possess because by having emotional maturity here means one should be able to accept the reality of life (people and things) as they are without them to be other than that. So, there woudnt be any backfire / attacking others personal issues. Politics remain politics and personal issues will remain as personal issues.

This is supported in the Al Quran when Allah says that once a man has reach his maturity and full grown, Allah will granted him wisdom, knowledge and reward those who do good to others (28:14 “When he reached maturity and strength, we endowed him with wisdom and knowledge. We thus reward the righteous”). By saying this, it is clear that having the emotional maturity also a special gift from Allah and it based on our individual growth, time and experience. From my understanding, as a leader, he/she should have the emotional maturity so he/she will be able to perform his/her duty not only to Allah, but to mankind – in other words, fully functioning in a socio-politic profession.

The emotion maturity provides information that can help us eliminate the mental and emotional drain caused by confusion, stress, overwhelm, anxiety and frustration. Hence, the guiding of our emotion is so critical as the Quran says: (64:11) Nothing happens to you except in accordance with God's will. Anyone who believes in God, He will guide his heart. God is fully aware of all things.
Remember my dear leaders, you are there because of the society and dont forget that your life is part of the society's lifes - THINK BEFORE YOU ACT and SAY! oppss..... by the way, this is not only meant for you... but your family members too! Watch them closely!!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009



Hmmm have you guys seen buffalo playing bola jaring? ekekek I saw this on the way home. Kelakar laa pulak kan...
Today is the day that I feel so much relax after many many nights under a great pressure. Alhamdulillah, the path that I have taken is nearly to its finishing line. May Allah assists me and guides me all the way
New PM, TPM and Ministries.. hoping for the best scenario in the arena.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Standard? Evolved?

This is my favourite spot even though I RARELY watch TV! We have astro but only switch on when Mak Engku/Pak Engku came or other relatives. We mostly came back late from work or we chat with bibik in the kitchen, swim till late... then, tidur!

Its a Phillips set - tak de la mahal... tapi, sedap mata memandang.... bila beli? Huh... dah 5 bulan dah pun.... tapi masih tak familiar dengan functions dia..

Ok lah... and while I was uploading the image, I read this somewhere this morning... regarding achieveing happiness in life. Perhaps you guys can add more from these lists...

1 Ketaqwaan

No doubt, this is the most important foundation - my sister once told me.. IKHLAS untuk buat apa juga.... without expecting any returns. She said, IKHLAS is just like when you spitt, you forget where, when & why you did that. Does it make sense??

2 Kasih sayang

This is what I have been searching for many many years. I pray and pray to Allah to give mak and abah... a family that I can return to. A happy life that I can lead my life in peace. I need not to ronda ronda in the shop lots during Hari Raya... what I need is a HOME! SINCERE LOVE and CARED by others. Alhamdulillah, after many many years - more than for about 36 years...... I got it ALL !!! THANKS ALLAH!

3 Kesetiaan

Hmmm... this is hard to explain. Setia? Must be foundation to that.. And for all, its hard to get a true friend that can laugh with us and cry with us... not laught at us.. or cry at us... And Kesetiaan is all about satisfying the inner needs. Kalau the inner needs tu difahami, insya allah, setia will come along. And I am glad to have a family that really setia with the family ties. They teach me to appreciate my own life .. how? To be LOYALTY..

4 Komunikasi dialogis

I do appreciate all types of communication... and because of communication'lah I am what I am today. Dulu, I was a person yang tak suka nak explain - and explanation is part of communication skill. I used to mengamuk when people do not understand what I am trying to say.. until one day, adik told me that I have to explain to others what I want. Furthur more I am 95% right brain... and now, alhamdulillah... I can explain to others what I want so they will understand my needs. Tak de ler makan hati jer....

5 Keterbukaan

This is another thing. Mak Engku and Pak Engku have this. They accept me for what I am. They are open and want to listen (open tapi tak nak listen wat per kan??)

6 Kejujuran

Yeah.. this is important too. Jujur... cam ner nak explain bab ni ya.. oh ya.. One thing that I notice that I will say what I think I need to say. It may be hurt but it will make a different to others. JUJUR is the key for all kindness. Once tak jujur, once menipu, org dulu dulu kata "siakap senohong gelama ikan duri, cakap bohong, lama lama mencuri!"

7 Kesabaran

Waurrrhhhhhh.... sabar. Complex, and abstract... But I learnt how to be sabar. Insya allah.. Ada psychologist kat umah kan..... so tengah training nih! eekekekekeke

What's your opinion about this? Perhaps you can share your few cents here!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

More about MK and ML

These are some photos of MK's day out with us. He was playing the cars and ML was chit-chatting with us. As far as we were with ML, she only talked about her life, experiences and knowledge org dulu-dulu eg: kalau boleh masa berjalan-jalan especially at night, bawa sedikit kapur sireh.... the hantus and jembalangs 'takut' dengan kapur sireh. I dont know what people says but I think ML can be a good listener and advisor too. Cuma mungkin the youngers just lack of interests in the olders and they forget that some day, one day, they will be like one........

Who says that MK is reserved when at his first meeting?

Hmmmmm yummy - sodap ya MK???

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Last few weeks my sister and I worked so hard. Its nothing much to do with the 'peralihan kuasa' but perhaps ter-effect-lah juga. Why? All the works and responsibilities carried on our shoulder must be go on no matter how the political turmoil may interfere our lives. And the 'kuasa' that we are looking at here is the 'kuasa' of knowledge - exploring the human mind and thinking -

'Kuasa' here is more on internal satisfaction. When we have the internal satisfaction, we can contribute to others. And this happens most in individuals who WORK for others, LIVE for others and share their HAPPINESS with others. I want to be like that..... my sister too. And both of us share the same ambition, same mission and same vision.

But we need some extra strength. The strength from INSIDE. The strength that could give us the 'kuasa' to do all these.... and that comes from prayers.

Huhuhuhu........ tak mau den jadi cam ni... mampuihhhh...........

Alhamdulillah, at the moment, we are under control. Mak Engku and Pak Engku always check on us. They are our Blood Pressure Life Machine. They are like the breath we take. Their prayers are our heart beat.

Kalau idak, kene laa ikut nasihat doktor kek bawah nih....... tak mau den..

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Another Day Out

This is ML's only grandson-this was a week out for ML and her grandson-normally, during this time no one can ganggu ML because she will be in a 'honeymoon' mood. One thing that realised during this day out with ML and MK (ML's grandson) is that both of them enjoying themselves especially MK. And according to ML, MK is not easy to please-he will reserve himself before he shows his trueself but time dah tak de tunggu-tunggu dah.

We picked up ML after work - about 6.30pm, MK was malu-malu but he terus salam me and adik. When he saw our car, he said:

MK: This is KIA. I dont like KIA (dia masuk dalam kereta)

MK: I never been in this car - its like my car - but its ....... (apa ye dia kata... tapi maksud dia, kete ni rendah) pastu dia tengok belakang....dia kata:

MK: Oh... its a little bit longer than mine..

------session ended with him, ML took over the konti-----

tetibe je MK tanya adik:

MK: Where is the break?

Adik: ---- dia pun explain laa... siap tunjuk demo lagi-- ye lah... nak tunjuk KIA pun ada break! (kelakar laah tengok adik bertonyeh dengan budak kecik)

MK syok sbb adik ikut jalan dalam... quite hilly dia kata
MK: we go up and down.....up...and down....

----sampai rumah-----

ML tunjukkan our swimming pool and MK said:

MK: Ours are bigger ....... (dengan slang dia...kekek tension ML dengar ekekek)

ML tunjukkan the studio pulak.....
MK: Thas's not toys - they are instrument...(kene sebijik ML kat cucu dia)
------ So I showed him my car collections and he starts to get excited----- and after that.. he became himself- active giler!!!-----
We had dinner - bibik masak spegeti - MK makan... he said
MK: its too spicy....... (sambil minum air-makan lagi - ML kata, kalau ML masak pedas, dia langsung tak nak makan... ni makan pulak)
ML: its too hot for you MK?
MK: its not hot lah... its spicy! (kekeke kene lagi ML)
bibik keluarkan buah.... ML kata MK tak suka mempelam, MK kata:
MK: I like this. (mempelam)...... (so MK makan sorang-sorang, buat smiley face... macam macam... mmg dia enjoyed the food)
ML: Kemain ko ek... aku beli pelam, ko tak cuit pun...kat sini boleh kata suke pulak! (kekeke ML tensen...kekkekkeek)
----adik tunjuk collection kereta dia dalam almari --- punya laa seronok si MK ---
Adik:These are all my car collections - they are miniatures
MK: (mendengar dgn tekun bila adik exlain dari mana dia dapat kereta kereta kecik ni semua.....until he saw a 'strange' car to his eyes- tetibe dia ketawa) Look at this car - the tyres are big hahahahahah
------ML took over the konti------- mak/abah called
------MK main kereta--------- out of the sudden dia melompat, naik atas adik, peluk adik.!!!! sbb???? nampak kucing! ohhhhhh MK takut kucing rupa nyer!!
After solat magrib, we went to alamanda and in the car MK jadi sangat aktif...bercerita, menyanyi.... cute sangat (CN-jangan jelesssss)
Sampai di alamanda, he hold my hand (iskk.... pelik jugak... nak dia pegang haku nih.)
When I have to wait for ML, he ran to adik, and pegang adik - nyanyi nyanyi - lompat lompat - entah apa dia berbual dengan adik - tinggal kan ML..... so I walked with ML, MK with adik holding hands..
From behind sometimes we saw MK and adik was whispering something... tak tau apa... and he jumped, sang, jumped...
------dah dapat apa yg dihajati---- we stop and had soem ice cream......
-------dalam kereta, MK was so excited, lupa dgn barang yg dia beli tadi, and he played with me... siap wrestling lagi dalam kereta!!! ........
------ sampai rumah ML -------- dia bye bye.... and give us his cute hugsss...........
ada lagi few pics in our camera.... cuma tak sempat dl - perhaps nanti lah...