Tuesday, December 30, 2008

More Rules

Rules rules and more rules! But the park In Vietnam is very happening... after 6.00pm, lots of recreational activities - leg badminton (hahahahha - its sepak yem, or sepak taqraw), chi qong, line dance, hmmmm of course laa... coupling coupling...

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Flirting text messages

This is interesting... got this when I was reading something in my sis' library..

U R O-O (you are cool)

U R 2 QT 2B 4GOTN (you are too cute to be forgotten)

2 6Y (too sexy)

U R A* (you are a star)

:)(: L8R (meet later)

%-) (intoxicated)

hahahaha - bes kan?

And another streets

There is anormous amnount that has to be studied and learnt about people of the other country. The way they think, they feel, they talk, they DRIVE! they EAT! hmmm most everything! And these are some pictures that give me some insights about life.....
Fruits - fresh fruits can be found almost in every market. The size is huge! And the taste?? Hmm... definately yummy!
Hah... this I cant resist. Mocca, Robusta, Arabia.... walaaaaa... sodap!

The Bongsai Garden

This is the best snap... I bet this old man, is the War Veteran. He might be thinking about his past.....seeing through the balcony... of what his country has served for him, or what he has served for his country..

This is the Parliment at Night

Monday, December 22, 2008

The Street of Dublin

Huh... me- breezes into the foom effortlessly atrracting everyone's attention - the coldness and wind make me feel like a penguin, in its most uglies tuxedo!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

After A Long Long Vac

In a family of 6+2, alhamdulillah, our long term planned holiday is crystalized. Semuanya berjalan dengan lancar.. except for adik jan, his boarding pass was missing! And he didnt knew it!!!

Adik Jan: So, semua ok?

Me: OK. Tapi ada satu boarding pass tak ada. Akak pi check.

Adik Jan: Oh..... (dengan releksnya dia....)

Me: Boarding pass tak cukup......tak tau apa silapnya.. nanti cemana nak buat?

Adik Jan: Oh... (releks lagi)... sapa punya?

Me: Adik punya..

Adik Jan: hmmm.... (masih releks).... HAAAAAAAAAAA?????????? ADIK PUNYA????????? (baru dia tau......) ekekkekeke

By the way, its a mistake of the issuer - the staff has misprint Adik's Jan - because his surnama with adik is the same - so mmg bukan hilang, tapi tak print lagik! Aiseyy... suspen je...

HCMC bussiest road! Motorbikes are everywhere!

Pencak Silat pun ada!!The Chu Chi Tunnel - will tell you guys more about this! SCARYYYYY...
Hmmm ni pun Adik Jan nak amik!The Delta Mokong Trip

Monday, December 1, 2008

Bila Musik Bersatu KAU MILIK KU

Have you heard on Music Psychology? Hmm perhaps not in Malaysia. Music Psychology is part of the branch of musicology - its regarded as a complementary psychology - My sister is doing parapsychology and it falls under the same umbrella. Well, to me, Music Psychology studies the effect of music on people, on both an individual and societal level. And as a child grown in a family of which everybody is fond to music I learnt music by heart. And it does give me a great impact in my life.
This is the first piano I bought - of course with the justification of my 'accountant' (hahahah my sister ler!) Alhamdulillah... nak beli 'baby grand piano' macam kat umah mak engku - tak der ler... tapi, dapat yang ni pun ok la kan?
My guitar. My sister loves the Kapok one.... she had that went she was in secondary school - passed on adik. I love the classic guitar - yang kat belakang tu...

These are the serulings..
And this is the pad drum. Sejak dapat hadiah drum betul, yang ni jarang di gunakan!

Yeahuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu the best present I ever had!