Tuesday, July 15, 2008

MUSIC is all about ATTITUDE - and attitude is the disposition we transmit to others. It is also the way we see things mentallu from inside. You need not to agree with us... it is just how we perceived music as a mode of interaction within our emotion and attitude.
The more we focus on the positive factors in our environment, the easier it will be to remain positive. A studio in our little house???? Some one may say it 'silly' or may look at us differently... but biar lah kan?? But apa nak pening pening kepala. Que Sera Sera......

Remember this... everyone setbacks that can shake ones attitude into a negative focus. When this happens, we challenge it quickly - entering the 'magical world of music' (chewahh... our studio tu leerrr). This is the place where allows us to bounce back and regain a positive outlook.

Tra lala twidle de de........


Karaoke set.
Serunai, seruling... bonggo - she got me with that one... ekekek sorry ek!

Fiddler's on the roof

Kassim Selamat

View of our studio and the red sofa from Cavenzi

Music is a wy how we show our positive attitude - it is an outward manifestation of a mind that dwells primarily on positive matters. It a mind set tipped in favor of creativity rather than boredom... we enjoy our sadness hope over futility. More on our studio collections.

Mood expressions - Our way

Playing the piano - needs focus - just like using camera, we can focus or set you mind on what appeals to us. See the 'situation' in the melody we play... in the song we sing....

Huh.... hadiah paling istimewa...


Main sambil nyanyi... kekononnya Steve Wonder????

Hahahah...... drum pad pun ada you...

On the surface, attitude is the way you communicate your mood to others. When you are optimistic and anticipate successfull encounters, you transmit a positive attitude and people usually respond favorably. Inside your head, where it all starts, attitude is a mind set. ITS THE WAY YOU LOOK AT THINGS MENTALLY... how we do it??? This is our way. MUSIC