Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Last few weeks my sister and I worked so hard. Its nothing much to do with the 'peralihan kuasa' but perhaps ter-effect-lah juga. Why? All the works and responsibilities carried on our shoulder must be go on no matter how the political turmoil may interfere our lives. And the 'kuasa' that we are looking at here is the 'kuasa' of knowledge - exploring the human mind and thinking -

'Kuasa' here is more on internal satisfaction. When we have the internal satisfaction, we can contribute to others. And this happens most in individuals who WORK for others, LIVE for others and share their HAPPINESS with others. I want to be like that..... my sister too. And both of us share the same ambition, same mission and same vision.

But we need some extra strength. The strength from INSIDE. The strength that could give us the 'kuasa' to do all these.... and that comes from prayers.

Huhuhuhu........ tak mau den jadi cam ni... mampuihhhh...........

Alhamdulillah, at the moment, we are under control. Mak Engku and Pak Engku always check on us. They are our Blood Pressure Life Machine. They are like the breath we take. Their prayers are our heart beat.

Kalau idak, kene laa ikut nasihat doktor kek bawah nih....... tak mau den..