Monday, September 29, 2008

Time has come..and this is my NEW family

They make me feel valuable, needed and loved.

I have been posting many pictures in this blog and dedicated to all of the family... mak engku, pak engku, dhada, adik, anna and those who appreciate beauty and arts. Those who see things beyond its physical outlook. And those who really 'ikhlas' in what they say, they do, they practise and they uphold the basic principles of the Teachings.

Life has taught me lots of things and life has made me have certain kind of perceptions that stop me from getting direct shine rays... but the family where I belong to now, effortlessly guiding me to the path so I could see more stars at night and sunlights during the days. I could clearly see the rainbows and more often see them rather than ponding to the rainning clouds.

Alhamdulillah... alhamdulillah... and this Eidul Fitri will give me more strength than before... more love and most of all, giving them my love and fullest dedication to them.