Sunday, July 5, 2009


Alhamdulillah..... I am back on my feet, eventhough am not really 'pulih sepenuhnya'. Was first diagnosed with gastric, then urine infection ...... after few restless nights and japs I cant stand the pain - from clinic to Emergency Department - no one explained what actually happened. Until and finally get ML's assistant - with all the contacts - Pengarah Hospital - baru laaa nak terkejar kejar....... baru laaaa nak buat KUB..... baru laaa nak wat itu nak wat ini!!! Huh...... DUNIA kan?... thanks to ML - thanks so much ya!

Then, I was referred to GH, but Mak and Abah wanted us to go back. They said that we should try an alternative way... bukan nak percaya.... but I know they cared about me... they just want me to be infront of their eyes. Mak already set me at Hospital Abdul Samad, where she did all her treatments, appointment with Dr Nor - our family clinic at Taman Perbadanan Islam, JB.

Sampai sampai JB (Adik drove the red Merc like Formula One!) terus ke rumah Pak Ali - an alternative healer from Madura - suspen juga..... because all nights I was in pain, can I trust this old man - with only mandi air limau can he really cured the pain????

He was furious at first - maklumlah kami sampai lewat ke rumah dia...seems that he refused to help us, but abah talked, mak pun sama.... finally he took the limau (semua bahan2 dah abah sediakan bila kami sampai JB) and asked me to mandi 3 times and come again the next day.

We went back - mandi (the pain started) then, sebelum tidur, mandi lagi - at night I was so so worried if the pain came back (normally at 1.00 am - 3.00 am)... mak and abah, many times 'jengok' me on bed - risau kalau kalau sakit menyerang lagi.. ALHAMDULILLAH... that NIGHT I SLEPT WITHOUT ANY PAIN !!!

Early in the morning, before abah go to Daik (for a ceremony) he took us there -- and Pak Ali started his ritual - he took the limau, belah dua and asked me to baring on a bed - adik dhada was there- adik Ana and Adik Jan menjadi saksi for the following day - what he did was........

Belah limau sunkist kepada dua bahagian

Sapu limau kat belakang, area buah pinggang dan area yang dia tanya sakit.

This is the magic - dia buat cam di bawah nih... terus keluar batu-batu tuh!

Ni la rupa nya batu batu tuh

Sepatutnya 3 kali datang but he has to go back to Madura after 35 years stay in Malaysia... so, the third treatment perhaps in August. But after that, he said better for me to go to the doctor and check again....... just incase lah kan....
So the next day, we went to see pur family doctor and did the scan - suprisingly... the 2 stones dah tak de........ hmmmmmmmm ........ apapun.... janji dah tak sakit!! cuma doktor kata mungkin dah pecah dan boleh keluar ikut saluran air kencing...
Sekarang ni tak laa fit sangat.. perhaps due to the pain killer tuh... but tak lah sakit... alhamdulillah sangat sangat dan syukur pada Allah.
Thanks to mak and abah... adik yang menjaga sepanjang malam... adik ana dan adik jan, yang turut hantar ke sana sini..... and all the family...