Monday, December 28, 2009

Job Stress?

Its near to the 2010 and my job load never ends. Everyday, even how much I try to get it done, the next day, there will be more letters, memos and to do's lists. I love my job, and I am glad that I have (finally) a buddy that at least could help me in many ways - may be I already know and foresee the personality characters of my buddy (I mean a real buddy) - huhuhuhuhu - lebih kurang sama macam yang ada kat rumah tuh.... so, its easy la to handle (hehehehhehe). And I feel glad that my buddy too, get used to my persona and at least could accept me when I am in a good mood, and the other - well, I think my buddy too, learnt about me (if that buddy is reading and following this blog, thanks so much for being so understanding, and keep on understanding me - and if you could satisfy me, then, you definately could satisfy others) - huhh... ayat...... adakah haku ini office mate yang dikategorikan 'sukar' ??? oh tidakkk!!!!! well, I have my personal psychologist to help me then........... (ma'dam........ please I need more medication!!!)

Hmmm...... I celebrated my 4* birthday, on 25th December 2009 - my brother did a suprise. Akak Dhada and my self went to Perling Mall - to get me some socks to heal my cramps - and as I reached home, mak, adik Jan, adik Anna and akak Dhada - sang loudly - as loud as the rain.... "Happy birthday to you..... happy birthday to you... happy birthday to Cik Ad.... happy birthday to you" - They never missed the celebration! I LOVE YOU ALL !!!!!

I remember each year - utih, ucu, a-a a.k.a g-bon, everybody in the family wish me long life, prosperity and happiness... ameen - remembering all these, has lessen the stress - alhamdulillah.

ps: This year... there's a lot of suprises! I get my self 2 electric guitar (imported) , a netbook, trip to UK and Surabaya. Hmmmmmmmm may all the years will get better and better.....