Sunday, March 1, 2009

Classic Rocking Chair has arrived!!!!!

Hmm so much so I was inflenced by my sister - she loves Classic English Concept - she has this in her mind - a house painted in white, lots of fresh flowers, white covers and furniture, fluffy sofa pillows, patch works, rose and more roses!, lavender (she has this in our little garden)../and her last wish was - CLASSIC ROCKING CHAIR. She didnt really looking forward to have this in this point of time... but she ALWAYSSSS talk about it..... and it's STUCK in my head!!! And as if, I pulak yang ber ia ia hendakkan benda ni .... iskkk..... (hmmmm I wonder of she has been using her 'hypnotising' thing... to me...) And wallooooppppp....... I got his via e-bay, called the salesperson... within two weeks, dah sampai - and of course laa... A SUPRISE for my sister!!!!

Masih dalam kotak - I worried if it comes on as DIY - but nguper nguper nya... pasang udah..

Dalam kotak, ada lagi balut.

This what I meant by Classical Rocking Chair.