Thursday, September 11, 2008

Bakawali : Latest Edition

This bakawali berkembang on Ahad, September 7. A day before, there were 2 more .. but we were not at home.


I was browing the internet and I found this one interesting... why??? I just cant explain why...

88 Emotions

. 88 emotions are fighting in my head.
Some of Fear, some of Distress, Some of Joy and Happiness
But of all these foes and friends,
There is only one I dread.
It brings about Frustration, And sometimes Desperation.
Anger and Annoyance
Are always in abundance,
Although it very rarely
Comes to sheer Abhorrence.
You scream, you cry;
You stomp your feet.
You hit the walls until they creak.
You wish the sky on him could fall,
But float on like a cannonball.
'Cause you know Love - for Love it is -
Makes also wondrous promises.
From Lust and Thrill, my dear i will
Show you everything there is.
Acceptance and Elation, Condidence and Trust;
Humilty and Ecstacy,
Are why you make me Happy.

There are three words i wish to say,

The very same I never will;

But when you walked into my life

I developed a new skill.

The one to Care and to Confide

In someone else than Him above

That's all the good that it has done,
This little thing called Love
Morgane Heyne