Monday, September 8, 2008

KenTANG - Coach Potato

18 years in chinese community has taught me to appreciate their culture. There many individuals that help me while I was in that society. But most of all, thanks to Mr. Tang who has taught me about life. By the way.... this is hadiah from him.
BUT ACTUALLY I WANTED TO BUY THIS 'MEJA' FROM HIM... dah lama terperok dalam kotak kayu - masih tak buka buka sejak tiba di Malaysia (benda ni dari China). Geram tengok.... so one day, I asked San Yin to ask Mr Tang that I am interested to have this piece.
HOWEVER, ONE FINE DAY, BEAUTIFUL DAY... heheheheheheh dia kasik free sama itu barang!!! yeahuuu.... to chey... to chey !!!

Nanti boleh lah Pak Engku and kozen Nyea borak borak kat sini yeh!
Ni nak kene check balik apa maksud dia.....

Merdeka !!! Merdeka !!! Merdeka!!!

Semangat Patriotik!!!!!
Happy merdeka day!
Hello folks!!! Its already September. But sorry for not really updating this blog as frequent as I should. (Plan laa nak wat hari hari tapi hampeh!!)
Little things are important,
because they are little
we see them
but do not understand them
(Chief Dan George)

My little hut is everything to me and my family. Its OURS. Totally independent - semua buat sendiri..... effort sendiri.... usaha sendiri. And that 'sendiri' is the clan of RMK. Thanks mak engku and pak engku for everything!

Berkibar berkibar di angkasa........

me? not in my dream to be angkasawan... but I could be angka-sawan (sebab fobia kat angka!!)