Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Orchid Collections

My sister and myself share the same hobby. We love orchid so much.

These are some of our collections.. ada banyak lagi. Nanti kalau ada masa wa upload lagi ya!

Europe Trip

This morning, my psychic vibes are highly activated .... but not for the future... but back down to memory lane - our europe trip.

The Catheral

Gate to the Charles Bridge.. Adik was so frustrated coz tak dapat tengok sunset at the Charles Bridge. It was awesome!!! Sabar laa dek ok.. nanti kita pergi lagi.... next time kita gi waktu winter lagi reallllllll.... You know what, the reason she wants to see the sunset at the Charles Bridge coz the permandangan would look like cerita dracula... ekekekekke... apa lahhhh...... ancient betul !!


Bumbung Railway Station At Prague