Monday, October 27, 2008

Cup Cakes for Pak Teh!

This is our Pak Teh. He's a Singaporean. We had lots of fun. He is so funny..... the only "arabian uncle" ekekekekeke..... He is reciting doa after we made a suprise for him. An advance birthday party!

Happy birthday to you.... happy birthday to you.... happy birthday to pak teh... happy birthday to you...

He is making a wish! Pak Teh doa kan kami ok!

Cute kan?

Pak teh dan the Garfields

OPsss... kaki siapa tuh????? Seksi nyer!

Nama semua ada....

This is how the cupcakes first get into our house.

We ordered them from our neighbour... you can order from her too by looking at our most visited blog. She is nice. The the cupcakes are yummy!!!


Mak Engku loves fresh flowers... adik as well. So I bought for them bunga dahlia and lily.... cantik kan?

Far away..... mak engku and pak engku's MERC 230. The joyride each time they cme and visit Putrajaya..... cool babe!
Little pond for my little chicks

Mak Engku's skirting... biru lagik!