Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Baiti Jannati

Ini lah kucing kesayangan adik - latelyI got a very bad gastrik - and engine help me to ease the pain - well, now I do believe in pet's therapy - and thanks engine.

Lama juga tak update cerita pasal rumah - nothing special about it, but alhamdulillah.....the house is the symbol of love in our family... so, it must look good, serene dan peace... so mak and abah can be proud of for having us as their children and Engine of course - bring laughter to us - makan bersuap, makan sayur, breakfast roti and telur - ishhhhhhh SPOILT BETUL KUCING DHADA NIH!

Did I tell you guys that nenek fell and hurt herself? It happened a few days after we came back from UK. She was 'playing' hide and seek with the chicken - its not hers - but the neighbours- so happen she fell and 'terhantuk kat tanah - berdarah and she went into the house minta panadol- out of my aunty's suprised, she saw the blood at her anak tudung - apa lagi lah.... mak took her to the clinic and so funny she said to the doctor "tu laaaaaa tak dengar cakap anak...kan dah jatuh" - kekekekek uchu told her not to go out because no one is at home -- hmmmmmmmmm kan dah jatuh!

So, mak and abah took her to our house - ubah angin - she was so excited.. pagi pagi se awal 5am dah siap nak ke KL - kekekekek and the next day, the kozins came over. We had KFC (nek's favourite), and sate - syok makan ramai ramai.

We are free to talk - nothing much of protocols - BEBASSSSS - and you can always be YOURSELF.