Thursday, January 6, 2011

2011 is here... and i am too!

Life has been good .. at least I see it from my view .. though people keep on showing their sympathy and empathy, I still feel that I am strong and fit enough to face these challenges.

At least, its a turning point in my life: be moderate in whatever I choose to do.

My new year was exciting to me after a long long long break in 2010 but again, the excitement was challenged by my condition. My sister noticed the abnormality at my leg. She felt the skin was too soft and as if there is liquid/puss in it. So she took me to the private clinic, Dr Hanita was not in, so we went to Dr Lisa Alis. The doctor advised us to go the specialist. So, we have to wait till the next day. (Even though the next appointment was in 20 January, tapi dia nak gak bawa g hospital Monday tu, 3 January 2011).

Meeting the doctor at Othor Putrajaya is like &^%(* ... but we are fortunate that we know MR Ewe, MR Tan, specialists in Othor. MR Tan was my specialist when I had slipdisc and he is a VERY VERY GOOD and the job suites him.

So the MO did some cut and there was minimum puss at the soft area near my leg. They admitted me on the spot. They want to do incision and drainage procedure. Huaaaaaaaa

But at least, before I left home, sempat juga men-decor my studio... kekekekekekke..... this is me ... huhuhuhu still in the hospital